Past Events 2018


Rap Beyond Resistance: Staging Power in Contemporary Morocco

Thursday 21 June | 18:00–19:30 | Cristina Moreno-Almeida, King's College London

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In Memoriam: Faleh A. Jabar (1946–2018)

Thursday 7 June | 18:30–20:00 followed by reception

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The Yazidi Genocide: Future Prospects for Justice and Security

Wednesday 16 May | 18:00–19:30 | Sareta Ashraph, LSE Middle East Centre; Roza Saeed Al-Qaidi, Yazidi activist; Bahaa Ilyas, Yazidi activist


Syria's Enduring Conflict: What Next? Dr Nasr al-Hariri in Conversation with Ian Black

Thursday 10 May 2018 | 13:00–14:00 | Dr Nasr al-Hariri, Syrian Negotiation Commission; Dr Ian Black, LSE Middle East Centre

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Strikes, Riots and Laughter: Egypt's 1918 Peasant Insurrection

Wednesday 2 May | 17:15–19:15 | Alia Mosallam, Forum Transregionale Studien


Russia's Strategy in the Middle East

Wednesday 28 March | 9:00–17:00 | RAND Corporation Workshop

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Salman's Legacy: The Dilemmas of a New Era in Saudi Arabia

Wednesday 7 March | 18:00–19:30 | Madawi Al-Rasheed, LSE Middle East Centre; Steffen Hertog, LSE; Michael Farquhar, King's College London

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Kurdish Women Fighters: A Path Out of Patriarchy?

Wednesday 7 February | Güneş Murat Tezcür, University of Central Florida

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Middle East Careers

Wednesday 31 January | Silvia Quattrini, MRG International; Austen Josephs, Alaco Limited; Jessica Watkins and Robert Lowe, LSE MEC; Alexandra Buccianti, BBC Media Action

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In the Name of Modernity: Urban Expansion and Land Grabs in Morocco

Tuesday 16 January | Soraya El Kahlaoui, School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study

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Shadow of a Man? Understanding Masculinities in the MENA

Wednesday 10 January | Shereen El Feki, Chatham House; Joey Ayoub, University of Edinburgh; Madawi Al-Rasheed, LSE Middle East Centre

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