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T3 in the media

Charlie Beckett and Sonia Livingstone quoted in  'How a new internet regulator for the UK could work’ for I News (21 Sep 2018)

Charlie Beckett quoted in the article 'Replace 'Tech' With 'Banks,' and We've Seen a Big Comeuppance Before' in The New York Times (Sep 2018)

Damian Tambini: 'The UK needs tougher powers to stop foreign inteference in our elections' in The Guardian (27 June 2018)

Damian Tambini, Sonia Livingstone, Patrick Barwise and Martin Moore discussing 'Digital Dominance: the power of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple' Podcast (June 2018)

Charlie Beckett quoted in article 'Nigel Farage says Facebook is killing right-wing pages. He could have a point' in Wired (24 May)

‘Platforms and Publishers’ by Charlie Beckett article 'Platforms and Publishers' in In Publishing (May 2018)

Charlie Beckett interviewed in the podcast Media Voices (Apr 2018)

Interview with BBC World Service Click (Feb 2018)

Charlie Beckett interviewed on Radio New Zealand (Feb 2018)

Charlie Beckett and Sonia Livingstone are interviewed in LSE US Centre Podcast The Ballpark  (Jan 2018)

Charlie Beckett quoted in article 'Facebook defends two-question fake news survey'  in The Telegraph (24 January 2018)

Charlie Beckett quoted in article 'Por qué dentro de poco apenas verás noticias en Facebook' in El Mundo (16 January 2018; Spanish language)

Charlie Beckett quoted in article 'Macron faces ciriticism after proposal to combat fake news' in The National  (9 January 2018)

Charlie Beckett interviewed by Bloomberg News (17 Jan 2018)

Ros Taylor appears in The Remainiacs Podcast (12 Jan 2018) 

Charlie Beckett quoted in NBC's 'Trump's 11 minute Twitter outage' (3 Nov 2017)

Charlie Beckett writes in the Demos Quarterly Review  (Nov 2017)

Damian Tambini quoted in ‘Stop Fake News’  article, in The Sun (29 Dec 2017) 

 Charlie Beckett quoted in EL Pais  ( 11 July 2017)