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I was actually enrolled in an MBA programme, which I ultimately left for the LSE EGMiM.

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Brian, US

Vice President, Strategy at Marsh US
EGMiM class of 2012-14

What's your academic and professional background?

I was a double major at Dartmouth College for my undergraduate degree, and in business, my background is in driving successful transformation and strategy for Fortune 500 companies.

What attracted you to apply for the EGMiM programme?

The ability to learn from top professors at a leading institution, while being surrounded by gifted, diverse students.

Did you also consider an MBA? If so, why did you choose EGMiM?

I was actually enrolled in an MBA programme, which I ultimately left for the LSE EGMiM. The Master's at LSE provided a different lens to management practice and theory, making it more unique and less commodity.

How has the programme helped the general development of your career?  

Because it's a part-time modular programme, I was able to apply the learnings (from strategy tools to change management theories) in near real-time, and display an improved set of skills to corporate leadership in my firm. This in turn allowed me to take on new roles and responsibilities more quickly than I otherwise would have been able to achieve.

How have you applied specific learning from the classroom in your work/job role?

My dissertation, "The impetus for movement: A framework for driving transformative change", has guided my thinking and enhanced my brand since it applies directly to my day-to-day activities in driving successful strategy deployment.

How has the global/international focus of the programme helped your career?

It has increased my realisation that there is not always one side to the story, and not just one perspective that is "correct" - rather, we must always take varying perspectives into consideration and weigh them appropriately prior to making impactful business decisions.

What has been the best thing about completing the EGMiM programme for you?

The enhanced skill set and perspectives gained through my time in EGMiM have made me a more thoughtful, skilled and engaged leader.