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Research highlights

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Ranked #1 in the UK: our 2014 REF               A £700K grant has been awarded to research impact case studies >                     new research project on Digital Drugs >

Research in the Department of Management

The Department of Management’s faculty produce outstanding scholarly research about organisations and management, and use research methods and knowledge to address problems in business, government, and society.

At the LSE academic  inquiry has never been confined within particular sectors, places, or scales of social organisation and historical time, and research within the department reflects this unique interdisciplinary approach.

Across the department, the following substantive research themes are pursued:

  • Business models, institutions, and societal dynamics 
  • Incentives, information representation, and structural design
  • Human capital, careers, and institutions
  • Digital innovation, extended enterprises, and disruptive technologies 
  • Normative orders, leadership, and behavior in organizations  
  • Cognition, contexts, and consumer choice
  • Capabilities, networks, and strategy 
  • Public programs, organizational transitions, and policy dynamics
  • Conflict, employee representation, and negotiation

The department's vibrant academic community collaborates in clusters called faculty groups. Read more about our faculty groups >

Latest faculty publications