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The Department of Management is a world class centre for education and research in business and management. At the heart of LSE’s academic community in central London, we are ranked #2 in the world for social science and management

Study >We offer a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge teaching programmes for full-time students and working professionals, founded in the latest research in our field.

Research >We are proud to be ranked #1 in the UK for research in business and management studies (REF 2014). Our research impacts on real challenges in business and policy worldwide. 

David Metcalf

ONS appoint David Metcalf to economic experts panel

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has appointed Professor David Metcalf to a new panel of five “respected” economists, in a bid to improve its economics capability.

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LSE ranked third in the UK for business and management studies

LSE ranked top university for business and management studies

The London School of Economics is the leading institution for business and management studies in London, and third in the UK, according to  The Complete University Guide 2017.

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richard thaler

Richard Thaler in conversation with Craig Calhoun

Richard Thaler, described by The Spectator as ‘the godfather of behavioural economics’, reflects on his 40-year career and predicts that all economics will be behavioural in the future.

Listen to the podcast from this Behavioural Research Lab public discussion, which took place on 1 June 2016.


Department Professor elected President of the Academy of Management

Congratulations to Dr Jacqueline Coyle-Shapiro, professor of organisational behaviour in the Department of Management, who has been elected as President of the Academy of Management (AOM).

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Service Automation: Robots and the future of work

Professor Leslie Willcocks of the Department of Management, and Professor Mary Lacity, discussed the impact of disruptive technologies in the modern workplace at a Department of Management public lecture on Monday 9 May 2016.

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Image of Iris Bohnet

Public lecture with leading behavioural economist

Iris Bohnet, Director of Harvard Kennedy School’s Women and Public Policy Programme, outlined how behavioural insights can be used to overcome gender bias in the workplace on Thursday 14 April 2016.

The lecture was chaired by Professor Carola Frege, who heads the LSE Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce.

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Vaibhav Agarwal and Jason Burchard. two LSE MiM students

LSE MSc Management students receive coveted leadership award

Two second year Master’s in Management candidates have been recognised as exceptional student leaders at the 2016 Graduate Business Forum, which took place at St. Gallen University in Switzerland on 5-8 April 2016.

Alec Ross

Public lecture with Alec Ross broadcasted to worldwide audience

Alec Ross, former Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, spoke on innovation that is changing the world at a Department of Management public lecture. The event was made available to worldwide audiences via LSE's live webcast.

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image of a smiley face

Public lecture provides insight on 'how to have a good day'

Leading management consultant and executive coach, Caroline Webb, revealed how behavioural sciences can be applied to our everyday lives in a Department of Management public lecture.

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Ruth Kaufman

Ruth Kaufman receives OBE for services to operational research

Ruth Kaufman, senior visiting fellow in the Department of Management, has been awarded an OBE for her services to operational research in the 2016 New Year's Honours lists.

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Image of an eye

How technology will transform the work of human experts

In this public lecture on 30 November 2015, Daniel and Richard Susskind present how increasingly capable systems will bring fundamental change in the way practical expertise of specialists is made available.

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Gillian Tett

Gillian Tett delivers Department of Management public lecture

The author and award-winning Financial Times journalist spoke at the LSE in October on the divisions of labour and how siloed working has the potential to collapse companies and destabilise markets.

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CEMS logo

CEMS Global MiM places in FT Ranking's top five

A global Masters in Management programme, offered in the UK by LSE's Department of Management, has placed within the top five of this year’s Financial Times' Master's in Management ranking.

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Canadian Flags

Canadian Embassy hosts inaugural alumni networking evening

The Deputy High Commissioner of Canada welcomed students and alumni of LSE’s Executive Global Master’s in Management (EGMiM) to the Canadian Embassy in London for a drinks reception on 3 September 2015.

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David Halpern

David Halpern, CEO of The Behavioural Insights Team, speaks at LSE

Dr David Halpern, who leads the experimental ‘Nudge Unit’ at 10 Downing Street, reveals how behavioural economics has been applied to policy to achieve remarkable results at a Department of Management public lecture on 14 September.

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The latest posts published by our Department of Management blog:

  • Capstone series: Converting risk managers into risk leaders
    Our latest Capstone series continues with a look at converting risk managers into risk leaders. The following blog, written by Master’s in Management students, Chemsi Bennis, Emma Gavala, Ilgaz Meydan, Hubertus Reinprecht and Lulu Wang, was deservedly selected as the best blog submission by the MiM team and faculty. Congratulations! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when […]
  • Diversity at work matters in times of violent ethnic conflicts
    Perceptions that colleagues prefer to work with ethnically similar others can be detrimental to the organisation, especially in regions marred by violence and adversity The recent terror attacks in France and Germany have triggered a renewed debate on the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and/or multi-religion society within Europe. A multi-ethnic society inevitably creates multi-ethnic workplaces, hence ethnic diversity is rapidly increasing in […]
  • Redesigning gender in the workplace – What really works?
    The following blog was written by Nina Mohanty. Nina is a first year Masters in Management student with an undergraduate degree in International Relations. She once wanted to work for the CIA but decided business is less dramatic. She hopes to pursue a career in Marketing & Brand Management to channel her wild imagination into something productive. A few months ago, […]
  • Capstone series: The battle of strategy
    This Summer, we continue with our Capstone blog series! Master’s in Management students, Akriti Arora, Omar Farouk, Yingrui Qian, Matteo Turba and Clara Villain present their take on the topic of strategy. This particular blog also received a special creativity commendation from MiM programme lecturers and professors, i think we can all guess why. Enjoy! Balsillieus, General of the Army […]
  • Analysis: why 361,000 nurses are not enough to maintain the health of NHS England
    Professor David Metcalf writes about the Migration Advisory Committee’s review of the labour market for nurses in the UK and the increased demand for foreign-born nurses A year ago, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) reviewed part of the country’s ‘shortage occupation list’ (SOL). The SOL features job titles and occupations with priority for Tier 2 work visas for skilled migrants […]
  • Too much to do, too little time? Mental contrasting can help you choose what’s really important
    ­ Working adults these days, perhaps now more than ever, often feel pressed for time. Time pressure is even more intense for working parents. The persistent sense of too-much–to-do-in-too-little-time has spawned a time management industry that by some accounts has more books and related merchandise available than that targeted at weight loss.The wisdom captured by these materials often boils down to “prioritise and organise”: […]
  • Collaborating in the battle against cancer
    For over six years, Elisabeth Prager has been working in marketing, operations and business development roles in FTSE 100 financial services companies in both Europe and Asia. Prior to this, she completed a BSc in Economics and Economic History at Warwick University and the Sorbonne in Paris. She is now currently studying on the Executive Global Master’s in Management programme at […]
  • A fun toy or a useful watch? How do people make purchasing decisions?
    Torn apart by shopping dilemmas — which “it” items to buy and which ones to forgo?! Imagine that David is browsing through his favourite retailer’s website and he is stopped dead on his (digital) tracks by scores of must-have items. To make his shopping task easier he decides to use the website’s “wish list” feature. Like in many other online […]
  • What the future holds for the self-employed?
    Technological advancements, such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation or Big Data are often considered as major drivers for the future of work. Current debate on this topic mostly focuses on which tasks and jobs will be delegated to machines and how employees can deal with the uncertainty of career choice. In a recent report, the World Economic Forum provides […]
  • Does regular physical activity help us make better decisions?
    It is well established that regular exercise is good for your physical and mental health. Exercise improves brain functioning and slows down age related decline in cognitive abilities, such as memory and thinking skills. It is not surprising that promoting physical activity in the workplace has become a trend in the corporate world lately. US businesses now spend about $6 […]


The latest journal articles and books published by our leading research faculty:

image of a football

'Straight talking: What business can learn from football managers'
BBC, 12 August 2016

Dr Daniela Lup discusses Arsene Wenger’s leadership style in a BBC article that considers the management practices of all 20 Premier League football managers.

Image of Jacqueline J. Lam

'Three female founders taking the UK by storm'
Forbes, 2 August 2016

MSc Management, Organisations and Governance alumna, Jacqueline J. Lam gives an insightful interview on launching a high-growth business idea in the UK as an international graduate.

Image of notepad

'The evolution of business schools'
Changeboard, 12 July 2016

The aspirations of the modern workforce are changing and business education will need to adapt to match ambitions. Professor Saul Estrin considers the future of management teaching.

Shasa Dobrow

'Identifying leadership'
Changeboard,  4 July 2016

An interview with Dr Shoshana Dobrow Riza on what good leadership looks like.

Image of LSE MiM students at RADA

'What the dramatic arts can teach business students'
CEMS, 30 June 2016

LSE is training its Master’s in Management students in personal impact and influence. Dr Rebecca Newton explains how.

image of an executive's wallet

'Executive pay: neither rigged nor fair'
The Economist, 25 June 2016

Professor Sandy’s Pepper’s research on the economic psychology of incentives informs an in-depth explanation of bosses' ever-increasing pay packets. 

Image of banking quarter at night

'A new approach to executive pay'
Global Banking & Finance Review, 13 May 2016

Professor Sandy Pepper outlines how long-term equity plans contribute to the inflation in – not the regulation of – executive pay.


Monochrome image of crowd

I am New Generation, 13 May 2016

Denis Konoplev and Felix Neufeld, two graduates of the MSc in Management of Information Systems, and Digital Innovation, are celebrated for their creative solution to overcrowding.


man with head in hands

'Becoming your office’s most hated manager'
BBC Capital, 13 May 2016

Your team is being outsourced and you'll be the one to handle it. Professor Leslie Willcocks, a globally recognised expert on IT and business process outsourcing, provides advice.

Current MSc Management, Organisations and Governance student, Eki Izevbigie

'Informed decisions will engender sustainable development of African continent'
Daily Independent, 3 May 2016

MSc Management, Organisations and Governance student Eki Izevbigie is interviewed about her leadership role in the prestigious LSE's Africa Summit 2016.

image of carrots

'Why German chefs are awarded more Michelin stars than British chefs'
The Financial, 20 April 2016

Dr Daniela Lup’s research finds a greater emphasis on industry training and apprenticeships produces more Michelin stars.


The one key way to finding joy in your job
Psychology Today, 29 March 2016

Dr Shoshana Dobrow Riza's 'Calling Questionnaire' allows readers to assess whether their job is right for them.

image of women working at desk

'Why robots may not be taking your job – at least, not in the next 10 years'
The European Business Review, 23 March 2016

Prof Leslie Willcocks' article on embedding service automation into the workplace is featured on the cover of the March/April edition of TEBR.


'Will robots really take over our jobs?'
Huffpost Tech, 23 March 2016

Prof Leslie Willcocks discusses the future of work, taking into account that various administrative and repetitive jobs will be done by robots.


'CIOs vs robots: What's the best way to use automation in business?'
ZDNet, 21 March 2016

Prof Leslie Willcocks considers how tech chiefs are getting ready for the big changes automation will bring to the world of work.

Image of coins

'Pay for UK bosses is ‘absurdly high’, top headhunters admit'
The Guardian, 5 March 2016

If a CEO indicates they would be willing to work for less, it would result in career suicide, claims LSE report.

Executive education

'Why your organisation should invest in executive education'
Changeboard, 23 February 2016

Prof Saul Estrin and Dr Connson Locke comment on effective leadership in an article that considers why organisations should invest in executive education.

image of women

Here’s the real reason you don’t fit in at work
BBC Capital, 15 February 2016

Dr Shoshana Dobrow Riza comments on meaningful work and choosing organisations with cultures to match.

image of paint brushes

'Wake up: this job is no dream'
The Sunday Times, 10 January 2016

Many people make career changes, but Dr Shoshana Dobrow Riza explains why loving your job doesn’t always mean you’ll be good at it.

Dr Dobrow Riza also writes on the financial and intrinsic rewards of following a calling.