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The Department of Management is a world class centre for education and research in business and management. At the heart of LSE’s academic community in central London, we are ranked #2 in the world for social science and management

Study >We offer a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge teaching programmes for full-time students and working professionals, founded in the latest research in our field.

Research >We are proud to be ranked #1 in the UK for research in business and management studies (REF 2014). Our research impacts on real challenges in business and policy worldwide. 

Waldinger-F 62x83

Dr Fabian Waldinger awarded Philip Leverhulme Prize

An “exceptional” researcher in LSE’s Department of Management has received one of five prestigious Philip Leverhulme Prizes in Economics.

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Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt in conversation with Prof Chrisanthi Avgerou

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet and former CEO of Google spoke on the progress of computer science education, digital skills, and computing innovation at a public conversation organised by the Department of Management on Friday 14 October 2016.

Image: laptop and coffee

Home working loses its appeal over time for both companies and staff

New LSE research finds that the benefits of working from home disappear over time for both employees and the organisation if it is a full-time arrangement.

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David Metcalf

ONS appoint David Metcalf to economic experts panel

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has appointed Professor David Metcalf to a new panel of five “respected” economists, in a bid to improve its economics capability.

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The latest posts published by our Department of Management blog:

  • What kind of leader do you want to be?
    It’s the question missing from so much of leadership development: “What kind of leader do you want to be?” We facilitate and encourage self-awareness among up-and-coming leaders (what kind of leader you are), get them to map their journeys so far (what has made you the leader you are), share knowledge and ideas (what kind of leader you should be), and […]
  • Counselling is better than outright firing an underperforming employee
    Utilizing new technology, combined with aggressive and innovative marketing, your business has significantly expanded over the last few years. You’ve attracted talented staff who are poised to take the company to even greater heights. You want to give them rein and let them run. Unfortunately, one of your salesmen (we’ll call him John), who handles several key accounts, doesn’t seem […]
  • When employees are ostracised, the whole organisation suffers
    Being ignored or excluded by colleagues or supervisors is always uncomfortable for an employee as it gives rise to feelings of anger, depression and unworthiness. When it occurs, it is usually regarded as an employee’s social problem. The thinking is that those who are ostracised must have done something wrong, so they should figure out why they are not welcome […]
  • Could you be suffering from Imposter syndrome?
    The following blog was written by Nina Mohanty. Nina is a second year Master’s in Management student with an undergraduate degree in International Relations. She once wanted to work for the CIA but decided business is less dramatic. She hopes to pursue a career in Marketing & Brand Management to channel her wild imagination into something productive. Have you ever found […]
  • What is the value of intermediaries in the global market for cloud workers?
    A variety of online markets have developed in recent years to facilitate trade in labour services. Upwork – previously known as oDesk-eLance (oDesk was founded in 2005 and merged with eLance in 2014) – is the largest global online market for outsourced work, with revenues of around $1 billion a year, making it the ‘behemoth of the human cloud’ (O’Connor, […]
  • Hit-or-miss strategies may be the reason why products flop
    My co-author Manoj Thomas (Johnson School of Management, Cornell University) and I were inspired to write Why People (Don’t) Buy: The GO and STOP Signals because of the hit-or-miss patterns of consumer-insight interventions that companies (as well as public policy entities) have been generating. This blog post, the first in a series of three, describes a number of recent examples of […]
  • Can crowdfunding solve market failures?
    Entrepreneurship is essential for economic growth and employment creation. Yet despite its key role in the economy, entrepreneurs find it hard to access the financing they need to start and expand their businesses. Lack of funding is perennially identified as a major constraint on new venture growth. Moreover, traditional venture capital markets have been criticised for not being inclusive in […]
  • 8 ways to become a better presenter
    Lorraine Ansell is an experienced voice over artist with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Management from the London School of Economics. A Spanish and French speaker, she also studied at ESADE University in Barcelona, Spain with the CEMS MIM programme. She has worked on films, audiobooks, adverts, games, corporate narration and news videos. As well as having experience working in […]
  • Capstone series: Converting risk managers into risk leaders
    Our latest Capstone series continues with a look at converting risk managers into risk leaders. The following blog, written by Master’s in Management students, Chemsi Bennis, Emma Gavala, Ilgaz Meydan, Hubertus Reinprecht and Lulu Wang, was deservedly selected as the best blog submission by the MiM team and faculty. Congratulations! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when […]
  • Diversity at work matters in times of violent ethnic conflicts
    Perceptions that colleagues prefer to work with ethnically similar others can be detrimental to the organisation, especially in regions marred by violence and adversity The recent terror attacks in France and Germany have triggered a renewed debate on the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and/or multi-religion society within Europe. A multi-ethnic society inevitably creates multi-ethnic workplaces, hence ethnic diversity is rapidly increasing in […]


The latest journal articles and books published by our leading research faculty:

Pepper-A 62x83

'The case against long-term incentive plans'
Harvard Business Review, October 2016

Prior to LSE, Professor Sandy Pepper spent 27 years at PwC helping clients devise ways to compensate CEOs. Subsequently he states, “I was part of the system that I've come to say is not very effective".

image of human-robot face

'The intelligent workforce'
The Economist Intelligence Unit, 30 September 2016

Evidence points to a future workplace that requires a radical rethink, but Professor Leslie Willcocks’ research suggests that humans and robots are most effective when working together.

Image: home office

'Working from home is not without its downside. Just ask the cat...'
The Telegraph, 6 September 2016

Alan Tyers of The Telegraph mulls over the findings of Dr Esther Canonico’s new study on homeworking.

Book cover: In 100 years

'Today’s inequality could easily become tomorrow’s catastrophe'
The New York Times, 26 August 2016

Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller voices concerns over economic equality, echoing findings outlined in the book In 100 Years edited by Professor Ignacio Palacios-Huerta.

image of a football

'Straight talking: What business can learn from football managers'
BBC, 12 August 2016

Dr Daniela Lup discusses Arsene Wenger’s leadership style in a BBC article that considers the management practices of all 20 Premier League football managers.

Image of Jacqueline J. Lam

'Three female founders taking the UK by storm'
Forbes, 2 August 2016

MSc Management, Organisations and Governance alumna, Jacqueline J. Lam gives an insightful interview on launching a high-growth business idea in the UK as an international graduate.