Modern language degree courses

Most undergraduate degree programmes allow students to take an option

You will have some compulsory courses to take as part of your degree programme but in some years, if not all, you can choose one or two options. Not all programmes allow this so check your degree regulations first.

Our ‘communicative method’ to teaching languages involves students in participation and personalisation of input and skills development.

This approach prioritises;

  • individual attention and planning for attainment
  • enables teachers to adapt to student needs and to tailor delivery and practice opportunities.

Assessment is 'progressive' with an emphasis on using continuous assessment to generate learning. We are also a leader at LSE in the use of learning technology. 

The courses we offer

Did you know that you can receive a language specialism attached to your degree certificate and transcript?

  • You need have started a BSc International Relations; BA History; BSc Sociology from 2018/19 onwards
  • You will need to take and pass at least one language course in each year of their degree
  • You must take all courses in the same language (French, Spanish, German, Mandarin or Russian)
  • The three courses must also be consecutively harder in level
  • You degree certificates which include a language specialism will state the language in the title, for example: BSc in International Relations with French
  • Your home Department can give you more information on how you can take advantage of this opportunity