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Event w CFO Banco Santander1x1

'Social entrepreneuship 360'
LSE-Banco Santander workshop series

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre, the LSE’s Innovation Co-Creation Lab (ICCLab) and ‘Generate’ at LSE Career Services take part in a joint initiative with banco Santander in collaborating for a series of three student-focused workshops entitled ‘Social Entrepreneurship 360’. 

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‘Experiencias internacionales de crecimiento y desarrollo: Retos y Opportunidades para Cuba en el Nuevo Escenario Internacional’
6-7 July 2017, Universidad de la Habana Cuba

The Global South Unit and the Latin America and Caribbean Centre in collaboration with the University of Havana are organising an academic workshop on Cuba’s re-positioning in the international arena. The workshop will take place on 6-7 July 2017 at the University of La Havana, Cuba, and it is hoped to be the first of a series of events with a follow-up in London next year.

The first workshop aims to look into how changes to Cuba’s international position will impact the country in the future, by examining the developments that are taking place domestically – the death of Fidel Castro, economic restructuring process - and internationally - rapprochement with the West, but not the US, greater ‘opening’ to market economics. Academics and observers have long disagreed on their view of Cuba’s international position, with some considering it ‘US-centric’ and others valuing more Cuba’s sustained diplomatic relations with other countries in the Americas. The seminar will explore how Cuba is re-positioning itself, at what pace changes may take place, and the impact on Cuba and the region.