Professor Tim Dyson

Professor Tim Dyson

Professor of Population Studies

International Development

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About me

Tim Dyson is Professor of Population Studies in the Department of International Development at LSE. He has worked a lot on the demography of India. In 2001 he was elected a Fellow of the British Academy, and in 2015 he gave the keynote address on the first day of the forty-eighth session of the United Nations Commission on Population and Development in New York.

His main areas of research have included work on demographic time series, interactions between populations and their food supplies, famine demography, HIV/AIDS, urbanization, child mortality trends, climate change, democratization, and the past, present and future population of the Indian subcontinent. His latest book is Population and Development—the Demographic Transition, published by Zed in 2010. 


Expertise Details

HIV epidemic; India; Agricultural Production; Developing World; Family Planning Programmes; Famines; Fertility Trends; Global Population Trends; Population Trends; World Food Programme