Our Partners

The CRP is an international consortium of researchers and academics working in partnership to deliver findings from across a wide range of research sites. Details of the core partners can be found below.

a multi-disciplinary team of world-leading researchers

World Peace Foundation, Tufts University

CRP Research Director, Prof Alex de Waal, is also Director of the World Peace Foundation (WPF), based since 2011 at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy within Tufts Unversity. 

The WPF seeks to be a node of intellectual leadership on issues of peacebuilding, basing its work on both rigorous evidence-based research and academic theory. The WPF supports the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel in its work on the Horn of Africa and this will provide a conduit for CRP research in that region. Through its links with the Feinstein International Center, the WPF will take a lead on issues of displacement and humanitarian action in Somalia and Prof de Waal will have executive oversight of CRP research in Somalia, South Sudan and the wider region.

Social Science Research Council

The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) was founded in 1923 with a mandate to reach out across disciplinary and institutional boundaries and bring the best social science researchers together to address problems of public concern.

The CRP is working with Dr Tatiana Carayannis who leads the 'Understanding Violent Conflict' programme at SSRC as well as the 'Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum'. Dr Carayannis will be leading CRP research in western DRCongo where she has a strong team of Congolese researchers at the University of Kinshasa and in key western provinces.

CRP Fellowships

The SSRC will also be responsible for administering the CRP Fellowship programme that provides one year scholarships for experienced researchers examining different interventions designed to address violent conflict.

Conflict Research Group, Ghent University

CRP work in eastern DRCongo is led by Prof Koen Vlassenroot and his team at the Conflict Research Group, University of Ghent. The Group was founded in 2002 as an independent unit within the faculty of Social and Political Science and its work is focused on the links between local and global dimensions of conflict and its impact on local societies, with particular reference to the Great Lakes region of Africa. 

Prof Vlassenroot is working with an experienced  Congolese team hosted by the 'Groups d'Etudes sur les Conflits et la Sécurité Humaine' based at the Institut Supérieur de Pédagogie in Bukavu who are undertaking research in eastern DRC and the borders with South Sudan and Uganda. The team in Ghent works closely with Dr Carayannis at SSRC to explore comparative issues and facilitate joint events in DRC.

Institute of Regional and International Studies, American University of Iraq, Sulaimani

IRIS is an independent research centre housed at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) and directed by Christine van den Toorn. The institute has access to a wealth of local experience from the student body, faculty and research teams and has conducted fieldwork across the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and its disputed territories.

The CRP's work with IRIS will be facilitated through the LSE Middle East Centre under the direction of Prof Toby Dodge.

Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies

Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies is an independent, nonprofit think tank based in Baghdad, Iraq. Its primary mission is to offer an authentic perspective on public and foreign policy issues related to Iraq and the region.

Arab Studies Institute - Research and Education Methodologies

The CRP-Syria team will work with the to Arab Studies Institute – Research and Education Methodologies (ASI-REM) which is based in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Peace Direct

Peace Direct is a London-based organisation that works at grassroots level to support local initiatives in the developing world, aimed at preventing, resolving and healing conflicts.  Their goal is to find ways to break cycles of violence and achieve lasting solutions by providing advice and support for local programmes and by bringing them to the attention of international actors.  The CRP is working with Peace Direct to operationalise their concept of Peace Exchanges, with an initial focus on Somalia.