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Online digital resources of past events from the Conflict Research Programme, and from our research team discussing new ideas

The CRP’s research is framed by the concept of public authority. By this we refer to any institution above the level of the family, including the state, that enjoys the consent of its constituents and has a role in managing conflict.
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Prospects for Democracy in Sudan

The panellists discuss the events leading up to the 2019 Sudanese Revolution, the history of protests across Sudan and the role of civil society and the diaspora.


What’s Next for Sudan’s Fragile Democratic Transition?

In this podcast, Alex de Waal describes the current situation and political dynamics in Sudan (as of August 2019.) He outlines the crucial next steps needed in order to transition into a civilian-led government.


Satellite Sectarianisation or Plain Old Partisanship? Inciting Violence in the Arab Mainstream Media

Dr. Jessica Watkins launches a new report that assesses widespread claims that pan-Arab satellite news channels have been responsible for inciting sectarian violence during the Arab uprisings.

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LSE Festival 2019: Art & Conflict 

The panellists discuss the role of art and visual representation in response to conflict and dealing with its consequences.


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Civic Perspectives on Conflict

Two critical intellectuals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and from Syria present their analyses and prognoses of the violence in their countries, with commentary from researchers on the CRP and Dr Javier Solana, the former High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union and Professor of Practice at LSE.

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Understanding the Drivers of Conflict in Iraq

Listen to the launch event of the CRP Iraq team. In this podcast they present the findings from the Iraq synthesis paper.

The panel of speakers included CRP Research Director for Iraq, Toby Dodge, CRP Research Fellows Zeynep Kaya and Jessica Watkins and; Chatham House Research Fellow Renad Mansour.

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Understanding Violence in Africa and the Middle East

Listen to the podcast from the launch of the Conflict Research Programme in March 2018. In this podcast, CRP Research Directors, Mary Kaldor, Rim Turkmani and Toby Dodge engage in a panel debate facilitated by Lyse Doucet. They were also joined by Rachel Ibreck and Javier Solana.

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International Law and New Wars 

Listen to this podcast on the book launch of International Law and New Wars with the co-author and Executive Director of the Confict Research Programme, Professor Mary Kaldor.

Professor Kaldor spoke on some of the ideas about human security and civicness that underlie much of the CRP's work, particularly in Syria and South Sudan. 

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The Political Marketplace of South Sudan

Listen to this podcast with CRP Research Programme Director, Alex de Waal, discussing his concept of the 'political marketplace' with colleagues from the Rift Valley Forum and the South Sudan Young Leaders Forum.

The panel analysed how the political marketplace is shaping the politics of South Sudan and discussed possible economic reforms that might help lift the country out of its current crisis.  The political marketplace forms a key element of the CRP's research framework.