Conflict Research Fellowships

Research grant applications from postdoctoral researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners working on the drivers of conflict

examine how different interventions affect violent conflict and/or the risk of renewed violent conflict

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The Conflict Research Fellowship (CRF) is the CRP's fellowship programme managed by our partners, Social Science Research Council (SSRC). The Conflict Research Fellowship offers yearlong support for experienced scholars based at a university or NGO. 

In line with the Conflict Research Programme, successful fellowship candidates will need to examine how different interventions affect violent conflict and/or the risk of renewed violent conflict; analyze "what works" to counter drivers of conflict; and explore the contextual factors that affect the efficacy of such interventions, including the linkages among international, national, state, and local level dynamics. 

The deadline for the 2019 Conflict Research Fellows has now closed.

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Meet our 2018 cohort of Conflict Research Fellows


Katty Alhayek

Alternative media for peace: Exploring Syrian online spaces for dialogue and reconciliation



Zahra Ali

Building Peace and Recovering from Violence: Iraqi Civil Society Activisms

Dylan Cornelius O'Driscoll

The Competition between Everyday Nationalism and Everyday Peace in Kirkuk city, Iraq.


Democratic Republic of Congo


Ann Alden Laudati

Accumulating (In) Securities in Eastern DRC: Advancing a revised framework for understanding Congo’s resource wars.

Claude Iguma Wakenge

Disentangling Public Authority and Resource Management in (post)conflict DR Congo.

Peer Schouten

From Mines to Roads: Displacement of the Conflict Economy in Congo.


South Sudan


Alicia Elaine Luedke

Gender, Sexual Violence and Control in South Sudan's Ongoing War.


Somalia, South Sudan and Iraq


Yaniv Voller

Transnational Diaspora Activism and Human Security in the Homeland: The Cases of Iraqi Kurdistan, South Sudan and Somaliland.