CRP research on Syria is directed by Dr Rim Turkmani at LSE. 

Research Projects

How public authority functions

This work includes research on the changing nature of central and local governance in all areas including governance in regime-controlled areas, local administrative councils, governance in the SDF controlled areas, and the differential impact of different types of donor interventions, as well as research on justice mechanisms undertaken by different types of public authority.

The relationship between identity politics and violence

We pay particular attention to the political economy of identity politics and how it is influenced by sources of revenue, as well as the gender dimension of identity politics, and the various community level and civil society interventions aimed at countering extremist identity politics.

The war economy

We construct an analytical framework for studying the war economy based on a mapping of different characteristics of the war economy and the mix of different types of economic activity in different areas. Work on the war economy includes a specific study of livelihood interventions and on gender aspects.

The role of civil society

We examine the role of civil society in countering the culture of violence and in supporting social integration. Two sub-projects will examine track two diplomacy and the effectiveness of efforts to include civil society in political discussions, and to document war crimes.

An evaluation of reconstruction proposals

We analyse the participatory approach to drawing up reconstruction plans at local levels, which engage international institutions in a process that could open up possibilities for countering regressive power dynamics and strengthening the role of civic society in reconstruction.

Methodology for work on Syria includes case studies and expert interviews undertaken by local researchers, surveys, and further development of the Syrian 'events' database begun in 2016, as well as desk research.

Meet the Team

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Dr. Rim Turkmani

Rim is the Research Director for CRP - Syria.


Mazen Gharibah

Mazen is the Research Manager at the Governance and Development Research Centre in Beirut, Lebanon, which partners with the CRP-Syria Team.


Marika Theros

Marika is a Research Officer in the CRP- Syria Team.

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Sami Hadaya

Sami is the Project Assistant for the CRP-Syria Team providing support in both a research and administrative capacity.



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