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PowerBreakfast Series

The series examines the underlying forces that are causing shifts in global power structures.

The LSE Power Breakfasts are a private conversation convened by the LSE Institute of Global Affairs to which around 25 distinguished people are invited. The series examines the underlying forces that are causing shifts in global power structures. 

There are normally two speakers at each session, who talk for around 15 minutes each before the discussion is opened to the group. LSE’s most renowned experts as well as other prominent people from around the world come to share their thoughts in private with a diverse group of insightful and influential people.

The discussions are held under Chatham House Rules so that opinions expressed may be reported but not attributed.

Power Breakfast Series

EuroTragedy, a drama in nine acts, cover

June 19th

EuroTragedy: a drama in nine acts (and counting)

Speakers: Ashoka Mody and Francesco Caselli

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Russia, stagnation or reform cover

17th May

Russia: stagnation or reform?

Speakers: Oksana Antonenko and Sergei Guriev

Mind the MIT

14th March

Mind the Middle Income Trap!

Speakers: Riccardo Crescenzi and Sergei Guriev

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Politics and central banking - reflections by YV Reddy

28th February

Politics and central banking - reflections by YV Reddy

Speakers: YV Reddy and Maitreesh Ghatak


China's Guaranteed Bubble and its Global Implications Brochure

30th January 2018

China's Guaranteed Bubble and its Global Implications

Speaker: Ning Zhu

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The Great Reversal - Leaflet Cover

7th December 2017

The Great Reversal - demographics driving global trends

Speakers: Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan

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Global Leadership

18th October 2017

Global Leadership – by default or by design? 

Speakers: Richard McGregor and Michael Mastanduno.

Reforming global finance governance

3rd October 2017

Fit for Purpose? Reforming Global Financial Governance 

Speakers: Jeffrey Sachs and Lord Nicholas Stern.


16th May 2017

Launch of The Global Policy Lab (G-POL)

Speakers: Professor Raghuram Rajan, Lord Adair Turner, Lord Nicholas Stern, Professor Philippe Aghion,  Professor Sergei Guriev, Assistant Professor Keyu Jin, Visiting Professor Mario Blejer, Michael Sohlman, Duncan Clark and Professor Erik Berglof.


9th May 2017

The Pathology of Presidential Power

Speakers: Bill Antholis, Director & CEO, Miller Center; Chris Lu, Senior Fellow, Miller Center; David Leblang, Chair, Department of Politics, Miller Center; Peter Trubowitz, LSE US Centre.


3rd April 2017,

Does Greece Need More Official Debt Relief? And if so how much?

Speakers: Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Peterson Institute for International Economics; and Richard Portes, London Business School.


21st March 2017,

Back to the Drawing Board for Europe’s Future

Speakers: Tommaso Nannicini, Luis Garicano, and Marco Buti.


22nd February 2017,

Is the Game Over? Lessons From the Greek Crisis

Speakers: George Papaconstantinou and Ricardo Reis.


30th January 2017,

Saudi Arabia's Modernisation/Once and Future Kingdom

Speakers: Stephen W. Coll and Steffen Hertog

Read Stefan Hertog’s blog on the subject.


8th December 2016,

NATO and Russia in the New World Disorder

Speakers: Hans Blix and Tarak Barkawi


24th November 2016,

Delocalisation: The globalisation of knowledge

Speakers: Richard Baldwin and Gianmarco Ottaviano


8th November 2016,

The Fall of Technocracy

Speakers: Sebastian Mallaby and Charles Goodhart


24th October 2016,

Rich People Poor Countries

Speakers: Caroline Freund and John Sutton


7th September 2016,

Germany and Brexit

Speakers: Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Vince Cable and Simon Hix


June 20th 2016,

Migration, the ins and outs

Speakers: Pete Sutherland, Ruben Andersson and Dominik Hangartner


May 6th 2016,

The Great Power Grab by Central Banks: The evolving central banking mandate and “systemic central banks”

Speakers: Mario Blejer, Ricardo Reis, Peter Sands


April 6th 2016,

The Evolving China Model: Meritocracy or New Autocracy?

Speakers: Daniel Bell and Mayling Birney


March 17th 2016,

Volatility and The Political Economy of Financial Regulation

Speakers: Anat Admati, John Kay, Julia Black, Charles Goodhart


March 10th 2016,

China’s Economic Adjustment

Speakers:  Michael Pettis and Keyu Jin


October 1st 2015,

ISIS: If a non-state actor becomes a state

Speakers: Stephen Walt