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China Foresight

Analysing Chinese strategy and foreign policy from the inside out.

Understanding the domestic policy making process and engaging with the ongoing debates among Chinese academics and senior policymakers.

Just read some of the articles in From Deng to Xi. I found it very thought-provoking – it is relatively rare for bank research to touch on these issues in the way that you have done. I look forward to your next Special Report!
Robert Minikin, Head of Asia FX Strategy at Standard Charterd Bank 

Despite China's growing interaction with the rest of the world, the country's foreign policy continues to be largely dictated by domestic requirements. To understand how China's foreign policy may develop over time, it is essential that the international community appreciates these internal drivers and the strategic thinking of the Chinese leadership. China Foresight takes on this challenge.

China Foresight reports

The Chinese Communist Party Congress: An Essential Guide

This Strategic Update is the essential guide to the Chinese Communist Party Congress, one of the world's most secretive and exclusive political meetings. Ahead of the 19th Party Congress in October 2017, the update also explores what will indicate if Xi Jinping plans to centralise his power in the party or maintain collective leadership. Read onlineDownload pdf

China's One Belt, One Road: A Reality Check

The world is excited, yet confused about the potential of China's One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative. What exactly is it? This Strategic Update explains the origins of the idea, who in Beijing really runs OBOR, and the existential challenges to the project. Read online / Download pdf

From Deng to Xi: Economic Reform, the Silk Road, and the Return of the Middle Kingdom

This report explores the extent to which Deng's momentous economic reforms in 1978 have shaped modern China, what the country's expanded international role under Xi means, and who really makes Chinese foreign policy. Read online / Download pdf

China's Geoeconomic Strategy

This report assesses the economic bases of China’s foreign policy and the challenges the country faces as it makes the transition from rising power to superpower.

China Foresight events and podcasts


Clash of the Titans? China-US Relations from Nixon to Trump

When Nixon opened a door to China in 1972  the world was turned upside down for ever. But what is the state of the US-China relationship nearly fifty years on? Margaret Macmillan and Christopher Coker discuss the past, present, and future of arguably the most significant relationship of the modern era.

The Decline of the West in the New Asian Century?

Financial Times columnist Gideon Rachman and experts from LSE IDEAS discussed his new book Easternisation, debating how far Asia's growing wealth will move the international balance of power away from the West, Chinese nationalism, and the US-China competition for allies in Asia.

UK-China: Stocks, Shakespeare, and Satellites

British Ambassador to China Barbara Woodward on the 'Golden Era' of UK-China relations, the importance of public diplomacy, and building a strategic partnership.

Private events

The New Silk Routes: How is infrastructure reconnecting Asia? LSE IDEAS-LSE Department for International Relations event

China’s recent revival of the historic ‘Silk Road’ has captured the imaginations of both policymakers and business leaders. At this event, representatives from the Reconnecting Asia project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC explained their ambitious initiative to map infrastructure projects across Eurasia.

China, Brexit, & the EU: Challenges, Uncertainties, & Opportunities?

This China Foresight-Dahrendorf Forum workshop explored strategic aspects of China-EU relations and how the Brexit debate will impact the newly revived bilateral relationship between Beijing and London. Included speakers from the Italian Foreign Ministry and the French Embassy.

Engaging with senior policymakers

China Foresight is built upon working closely with foreign policymakers. 

In the UK, the project has briefed staff at 10 Downing Street and given evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select committee on UK-China relations.

In Europe, the project participated in the European External Action Service policy planning briefing on China and Russia, briefing 27 EU members on Chinese foreign policy. Yu Jie also spoke at a 'track two diplomacy' meeting of the G7 in Rome during the Italian Presidency in 2017.    

China Foresight has met with members of the Monetary Committee of the People's Bank of China and hosted the UK ambassador to China. The project also has links with the Chinese policy makers of the future through the CPC Central Party School in Beijing, and have worked in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Social Science - one of China’s leading foreign policy think tanks

Built upon our frequent exchanges with Chinese officials, LSE IDEAS was one of only four UK think tanks invited to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on his visit to London. IDEAS was also the only UK think tank to take part in a direct dialogue with Vice Minister Guo Yezhou of the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party.

China Foresight in the media

China Foresight takes an active part in public debate on Chinese foreign policy. Head of the Project Yu Jie regularly appears as a commentator in the English langauge media and press including the BBC, National Public Radio, the Independent, and the South China Morning Post.

She also took part in a 'Ask Me Anything' public question and answer session with readers on Reddit's r/geopolitics.  

Latest media 

23 October: China’s Communist Party must fight inequality if it wants to survive argues Yu Jie in the Washington Post.

18 October: At start of the Chinese Communist Party Congress, Yu Jie spoke to BBC World Service Newshour, BBC World News TV, the Australia National Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) RN Drive programmeBBC World Business Live, and BBC World Service Newsday, and wrote for BBC Chinese.

7 October: “The Communist Party realises a dynamic private sector has become a key source of employment, economy and social stability." Quoted in South China Morning Post story on private sector.

10 September: interview in Seikyo Press about China-Japan relations (article in Japanese).

28 August: column for China Plus is on the upcoming BRICS summit.  

8 August: quoted in Financial Times business story on how Chinese domestic politics can often leave western investors guessing.

3 July: BBC Business Live on China-Russia relations as Xi & Putin meet, and the One Belt, One Road initiative. 

29 June: BBC World Impact on 20 years after the Hong Kong handover. 

18 June: Viu Six TV, Hong Kong commenting on how the UK's hung Parliament is seen in China.

9 June: South China Morning Post quote on how “a coalition government [in the UK] is a bad thing for overseas investment” 

1 June: BBC World Business Report on the EU-China summit and potential European-Chinese cooperation on climate change after the US pulled out of the Paris agreement.

17 May: BBC World Service as a contributor to the documentary Taiwan: An Island History with Bridget Kendall.

24 January: Voice of America on China's 'Silk Road' ambitions reaching London.

19 January: The World Weekly quoted on US-China relations in the Year of the Rooster.

16 January: China Global Network Television on Xi Jinping's visit to the Davos world economic forum and China-Switzerland relations.

6 January: The Independent newspaper article co-written by Yu Jie & Sir Vince Cable MP entitled If we make post-Brexit trade deals with China and India, don’t expect Britain to come out on top.

15 September 2016: BBC News at 10 on on the Hinkley Point nuclear deal. "[Chinese] State owned enterprises want to use this deal as a stepping stone to achieve a major foothold in the European market and obviously to get to into demand sectors like civil nuclear is a major success for Chinese state owned enterprises I would say" she told BBC China correspondent Carrie Grace.

15 June: BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight on how the UK leaving the EU would damage UK-China relations and Xi Jinping's personal image.

LSE-PKU Summer School

IDEAS Director Michael Cox and Head of the China Foresight project Yu Jie are part of the annual LSE joint programme with Peking University, Beijing. The summer school gives students a chance to learn about China from within China, but with a truly international perspective.


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