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Can Build to Rent help to solve the housing crisis?

If current trends continue, the Build to Rent sector could expand to produce up to 250,000 new homes by 2030, suggests a new report by LSE London.

Workplace rudeness wreaks havoc on employees' health

A new study on workplace rudeness reveals the damage that employers can wreak on an employee’s health and sense of belonging by treating them unfairly.

Pen and paper help retain knowledge

A study of university students across 10 countries shows that pen and paper still holds some value over computers, particularly when it comes to retaining knowledge.

Yuval Levin

The Fractured American Republic and the Possibilities for Political Renewal

US politics are failing twenty-first-century Americans, with both parties blind to how America has changed over the past half century and why the dysfunctions of the nation's fragmented national life will need to be answered by the strengths of its decentralized, diverse, dynamic character. What are the prospects for political renewal? Event date: Tuesday 21 February.


Was Brexit a Populist Revolution?

Brexit has been viewed by many as part of a populist revolution sweeping not only the UK, but Europe and beyond. Why did Britain vote for Brexit? Was it a result of a UKIP-led revolt on the right? This discussion will explore the motivations of the leave vote and the implications for UK politics. Event date: Tuesday 21 February.

LSE Literary Festival 2017: Revolutions

LSE's 9th annual Literary Festival, marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, but also anniversaries of revolutions in literature, international relations, politics, religion and science. A series of talks, discussions, film screenings, workshops and events for children, free to attend and open to all. Event date: 20-25 February.

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Inclusive Prosperity: making it possible                                               

Speaker: Tharman Shanmugaratnam (pictured)
Recorded: Monday 30 January 2017, approx. 80 minutes    


Speaker: Professor Richard H. Pildes
Recorded: Wednesday 8 February 2017

The Future of Europe                                                                                     

Speaker: Paolo Gentiloni 
Recorded: Wednesday 8 February 2017

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