PhD Job Market

Geography and Environment candidates

If you would like to get in touch for further information, our Director of Placement is Prof Olmo Silva


Paroj Banerjee

Doctor in Regional and Urban Planning 

Research interests:

- Urban dwelling
- Persistence
- Home and affect
- Street inhabitants and floating populations
- Politics of graduated citizenship
- Gray-spacing 
- Migration and mobility 

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Ying Chen 2019

Ying Chen 

Doctor in Urban Economics

Research interests:

- Urban Economics
- Environmental Economics
- Labor Economics

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Eduardo Ibarra-Olivo

PhD candidate in Economic Geography

Research interests:

- Foreign Direct Investment
- Local labour markets
- Educational choices
- Human capital accumulation
- Remittances and migration

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Hayoung Kim 2018

Hayoung Kim

Doctor in Economic Geography

Research interests: 

- Real Estate Economics and Finance
- Housing and Urban Economics
- Media Economics

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Cong Peng

PhD candidate in Economic Geography

Research interests:

- Urban/Spatial Economics
- Development Economics
- International Trade

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Elisabetta Pietrostefani

PhD candidate in Regional and Urban Planning

Research interests:

- Urban planning and public policies
- Urban/Spatial Economics
- Development strategies in post-conflict areas
- Housing policy

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Jordana Ramalho

Doctor in Human Geography and Urban Studies

Research interests:

- Gender
- Urbanisation
- Risk


lutz sager

Lutz Sager

PhD candidate in Environmental Economics

Research interests: 

- Primary field: Environmental Economics
- Other: Public Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Behavioural Economics
- Distributional consequences of climate mitigation policies
- The behavioural and productivity effects of air pollution

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gregor singer2

Gregor Singer

PhD candidate in Environmental Economics

Research interests: 

- Environmental and energy economics
- Development economics
- Empirical industrial organization

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Meredith Whitten

Meredith Whitten 

Doctor in Regional and Urban Planning

Research interests: 

- Urban parks and green spaces
- Green infrastructure and urban greening
- Urban planning and policy
- Environmental governance
-  Compact city and urban density
- Privatisation of public space

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PhD destinations

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