Mr Andres Barrios Fernandez

Mr Andres Barrios Fernandez

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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Economics of Education, Labor Economics (primary)
Public Economics (secondary)

Job market paper
Should I stay or should I go? Neighbors' effects on university enrollment


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This paper investigates whether the decision to attend university depends on university enrollment of close neighbors in Chile. To this end, I create a unique dataset combining detailed geographic information and educational records from different government agencies, and exploit quasi-random variation generated by a discontinuity in the rules that define eligibility for student loans. I find that neighbors have a large and significant impact —10 percentage points— on the university enrollment of younger applicants. This effect decreases both with physical and social distance and is weaker for individuals who arrive to the neighborhood during high school. I also document that the documented increase in university attendance is mediated by an increase in applications rather than by an improvement on academic performance. Finally, my results show that having a close neighbor eligible for student loans increases younger applicants’ university enrollment. This indirect effect of funding on the neighbors of direct beneficiaries represents 15% of the direct effect of student loans in areas where university attendance rates are low.

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Professor Steve Pischke  
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