Guest teachers

Below is the alphabetical list of all the guest teachers at the Department.

Dr Saleem Bahaj
Senior economist, Research Hub, Bank of England
Course: EC424 Monetary Economics
Office hours: Mondays 14:45-15:45 in 32L.4.15 (weeks 1-10)

Dr Pawel Bukowski
Research economist, Centre for Economic Performance
Course: EC317 Labour Economics
Office hours: Mondays 16:30-17:30 in 32L.4.15 (weeks 1-10)

Dr Jordi Gali
Researcher, Centre de Recerca en Economia Interacional
Course: EC442 Macroeconomics for MRes Students
Office hours: By appointment in 32L.1.12

Dr John Morrow
Associate-Trade, Centre for Economic Performance
Course: EC421 International Economics
Office hours: Wednesdays 14:00-15:00 in 32L.4.15 (weeks 1-5)

Dr Vania Stavrakeva
Assistant Professor of Economics, London Business School
Course: EC532 International Economics for Research Students
Office hours: By appointment