Studying LSE

Current research students

 List of students conducting research at the Department of Anthropology


Alcalde, Miguel (in the field)
Area of interest: Urban Croatia
Interests: Cognition and culture; Christianity, healing; subjective experience; the self. 

Arnavas, Chiara (post-field)
Area of interest: North-eastern Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Interests: Urban planning; informality; insurgent and democratic politics

Bahceci, Sergen (pre-field)
Area of interest: Northern Cyprus
Interests: Violence, subjectivity, sovereignty

Bhogal, Kiran (pre-field)
Area of interest: UK
Interests: Ritual theory; publicity; religious radicalisation and education; Sikh faith

Bowers, Rebecca (post-field)
Area of interest: Bangalore, India
Interests: Female construction workers; mobility; aspiration; networks; gendered space; motherhood; and political representation

Breen, Gareth (post-field)  
Area of interest: Taiwan
Interests: Ritual Language; Religious Fundamentalism; Transnational Chinese; Eating and Drinking

Cottrell, Hannah (pre-field)
Area of Interest: Japan
Interests: Education; the body; anthropology of aspiration; globalisation; psychological anthropology

Dahlgren, Kari (post-field)
Area of interest: Tanzania
Interests: Natural gas; anthropology of development; and corporate social responsibility 

Deschenaux, Ivan (post-field)
Area of interest: Nepal
Interests: Learning and knowledge transmission; caste; insurgent ideologies

Dillabough-Lefebvre, Dominique (pre-field)
Area of interest: Burma/Myanmar
Interests: Environmental anthropology, political and economic anthropology, agrarian transitions

Donnelly, Meghan Rose (in the field)
Area of interest: Indonesia
Interests: Catholic nuns; performance ethnography; pluralism

Doherty, Jonathan (in the field)
Area of interest: Bali, Indonesia
Interests: Animism and magic; cosmologies; ritual theory

Edwards, Michael (post-field)
Area of interest: Burma/Myanmar
Interests: Democracy; pluralism; evangelism; Christianity; Buddhism; Zomi/Chin


Faure, Agathe (In the field)
Area of interest: French Guiana 
Interests: Migrations; storytelling; material culture

Fengjiang, Jiazhi (post-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: Grassroots philanthropy (/doing good); ethics; anthropology of development and humanitarianism

Flatau, Sasha (pre-field)
Area of interest: Colombian Amazon
Interests: Anthropology of Amazonia, Anthropology of Childhood, Justice, Morality

Fuchs, Sandhya (in the field)
Area of interest: India
Interests: Anthropology of law, theory of violence, marginal identities, conceptions of justice, caste, human rights

Garcia-Briceno, Luis (in the field)
Area of interest: Venezuelan Amazonia
Interests: Anthopology of Amazonia; Christianity; morality 

Gheewala Lohiya, Anishka
(in the field)
Area of Interest; India, Gujarat and the UK
Interests: Anthropology of Religion,  India, Hinduism, Prayer

Giattino, Angela (in the field)
Area of interest: Peruvian Amazon
Interest: Higher indigenous intercultural education; Amazonian youth; educational inequality; subjectivity and cognition

Gonzalez Rosas, Arturo (in the field)
Area of interest: Peruvian, Colombian and Brazilian tri-border region in Amazonia
Interests: Social movements; Indigenous identity; State-making 

Huang, Liang-Wei (pre-field)
Area of interest: Taiwan
Interests: legal anthropology, kinship and marriage

Jaede, Riccardo (pre-field)
Area of interest: West Bengal, India
Interests: Anthropology of ethics; urban anthropology

Joassin, Thomas (post-field)
Area of interest: Algeria
Interests: Sufism; secularism; Islam 


Kauppinen, Anna-Riikka (post-field)
Area of interest: West Africa (Ghana)
Interests: Professional lives; friendship/kinship; intimacy; Christianity; religious innovation; (aesth)ethics; media and popular culture 

Kohonen, Liisa (post-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: The state; legal anthropology; local government 

Kong, Pengyin (in the field)
Area of interest: China, Tibet
Interests: Infrastructure; labor; ethnic identity 

Kuroda, Ken (post-field)
Area of interest: Mumbai, India
Interests: Food; health; identity; well-being; urban anthropology 

Kuruuzum, Umut (post-field)
Area of interest: Iraqi Kurdistan
Interests: Labour, migration, uncertainty, debt, PKK, Iraqi Kurdistan 

Laws, Megan (post-field)
Area of interest: Botswana, Namibia
Interests: Ju|'hoansi, Debt, Healing 

Lipton, Jonah (post-field)
Area of interest: Sierra Leone
Interests: Ebola crisis; youth/adulthood; informal work; family life 

Liu, Danfeng (in the field)
Area of interest: Bavaria, Germany
Interests: Catholicism and secularism; transformations of family and kinship; ordinary ethics 

Mehtta, Megnaa (post-field)
Area of interest: Sundarbans, West Bengal
Interests: Political economy of crab collectors; narratives of greed and need; value chains; romantic lives and desire 

Miguel Lorenzo, Laura Alexandra (post-field)
Area of interest: Solomon Islands, Melanesia
Interests: Domestic Violence; Agency; Christianity and Gendered Subjectivities; Urban Anthropology 

Noy, Itay (post-field)
Area of interest: Eastern India
Interests: Livelihoods; labour; inequality; politics; coal mining; Adivasis 

Okenwa, Doris (post-field)
Area of interest: Turkana, Kenya
Interests: Natural resources (oil); land; materiality; politics; development and activism  

Ongaro, Giulio (post-field)
Area of interest: Highland Laos
Interests: Shamanism; healing; sacrifice; the 'placebo effect' 

Osborn, Nick (in the field)
Area of interest: Guatemala
Interests: Anthropology of borders; citizenship & state; christianity; ethics; memorialisation 

Piña Ahumada, Gabriela (post-field)
Area of interest: Chile
Interests: Childhood; kinship; emotions and notions of personhood among the Mapuche people 


Sandoval Marmolejo, Ignacio (in the field)
Area of interest: Chile
Interests: State-making; political practices; social classes 

Shuttleworth, Judy (post-field)
Area of interest: UK
Interests: Islam; orthodoxy and diversity in a London community; religious practice and identity

Simpson, Nikita (in the field)
Area of interest: Himachal Pradesh, India
Interests: Social welfare and gender empowerment policy; ethics; household and feminist economics. 

Spector, Branwen (in the field)
Area of interest: Israel
Interests: Cultural transmission; kinship; histories of migration; Mizrahim. 

Stadlen, Alexandra (post-field)
Area of interest: South Asia
Interests: Political marginalisation; Temporality; Spiritual landscape 

Stanford, Mark (post-field)
Area of interest: China
Interests: Evolution of co-operation; psychological anthropology; social network analysis 

Strong, Imani (in the field)
Area of interest: Georgia, United States
Interests: Affirmative action; race; African-American entrepreneurship 

Tengprawat, Thanakrit (in the field)
Area of interest: Thailand
Interests: Cultural Heritage; Thai State and its Local Politics; Globalization; Kinship; Cosmopolitanism; Kui Ethnic

Trotter, Lucy Ellen (post-field)
Area of interest: Patagonia, Argentina
Interests: Welsh diaspora; education; political anthropology 

Tuv, Liat (post-field)
Area of interest: Israel
Interests: Language; peace discourse; agency and power dynamics 

Vieira, Jordan P (in the field)
Area of interest: Uganda and London
Interests: Migration; anthropology of advice; transnationalism; decision-making; social mobility; politics of inclusion 

Zagaria, Valentina (post-field)
Area of interest: Sicily and Tunisia
Interests: Death; migration; legal anthropology

Zhou, Yufei (pre-field)
Area of interest: Tibetan areas in China
Interests: Ethics; human-animal relations; ethnicity; ontology and cosmology; value; pastoralism; consumerism; dogs

Zidaru,Teodor (post-field)
Area of interest: Kisii County, Kenya
Interests: Trust; microfinance; Christianity