Beatrice Webb

Your #LSEWomen

From history to the present day

I believe that through this campaign, we have an unprecedented opportunity to promote equality throughout our society and beyond.

Minouche Shafik, LSE Director

Who inspired you? Read the full list of inspiring #LSEWomen nominated by alumni, staff and students during 2018.

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr

Vera Anstey

Bolanle Austen-Peters

Pauline Barrieu

Julia Black

Natalie Black
"Natalie is a force of nature and once she puts her mind to something she achieves it. She is fiercely intelligent, kind, funny and generous. She has aspired me to push myself harder and to believe in myself whilst supporting others around me."

Tessa Blackstone
"Baroness Tessa Blackstone was a contemporary of mine at the LSE in the Sociology Department in the early to mid-1960s - she studied social administration, but we shared lectures. She became prominent in the school as a postgraduate student, got a first at undergraduate level, and then went on to be a leading academic and Labour politician. She entered the House of Lords as Baroness Blackstone. She was an eminent figure in the area of social policy. She headed a number so social policy commissions/research groups and Government investigations of committees. She was a feminist and a real example to female students and other women today."

Cherie Blair

Anne Bohm

Virginia Bottomley

Colette Bowe

Zofia Butrym
"Zofia was one my lecturers when I was at LSE studying for MSc in Social Work Studies. I learned from her what social work means--respect for others, truth telling both to the client and to myself."

Barbara Calvert

Eleanora Carus-Wilson

Shami Chakrabarti

Sylvia Chant

Eugenia Charles

Rosehanna Chowdhury

Alice Clark

Ernestina Coast

Janet Coleman

Yvette Cooper

Caroline Criado-Perez

Kimberle Crenshaw

Bronwyn Curtis

Mary Danvers, Baroness Stocks

Laura Dawson
"Laura is a great advocate for women in IT especially on LinkedIn and she’s one of that cadre of women who are infiltrating the traditionally male dominated world of IT, along with women like Claire Priestley at City. She is a 2017 CIO 100 high-flyer." 

Elizabeth Denby

Mariana Escobar Arango
"Ms Escobar Arango has a PhD and a Master’s in Political Science from the LSE, and has previously worked with various governmental, academic, research, civil society and multilateral organisations in themes related to rural development, socio-economic inequalities, peace, conflict and security within the Colombian context. She is an inspiring #LSEWoman because despite being a non-political figure in Colombia, her vast technical expertise has allowed her to become in a high-level decision maker able to shape the post-conflict and reconciliation agenda of her home country in the implementation of the peace accords. She makes me proud as a Colombian and LSE alumni to see how she has been decisively able to put her put her knowledge, passion and expertise at the service of one of the most challenging ventures, when establishing peace after more than 60 years of conflict, by bridging the widening socio-economic inequalities in the most remote and fragile settings of our home country."

Audrey Eu

Tina Fahm

Christiana Figueres
"She inspires me because she does not stop fighting against the increase of the world's temperature. This is one of the world's major threats. She fosters renewable energies, banning of fossil fuels and many more actions addressed to save the planet from the terrible consequences that climate change is producing. Ms. Figueres does that as Covenor of Mission 2020 and Vice Chair of the Global Covenant of Mayors. Furthermore, she is a complete role model for any diplomat, internationalist, global leader, politician or international lawyer. Due to her leadership, optimism and sharp manage of multilateralism, all the nations signed the Paris Agreement in 2015. She developed in the best ways of all as Executive Director of the UNFCCC. Furthermore, Ms. Figueres was one of the first female candidates to the role of Secretary-General of the United Nations. Finally, she has been awarded by plenty of governments and listed as on the most influential leaders in the world by Time, Forbes and Fortune."

Mariana Fotaki

GEF committee

Dorothy George

Ruth Glass

Margaret Gowing

Jessica Gregson
"Jessica is a dedicated humanitarian worker having spent the last 10 teas in war zones, a scholar and an artist, successfully having published a series of novels. She exhibits the humanist and inquisitive LSE values in everything she does, she has dedicated her life to helping others rebuild theirs and she is, more than anyone I know, a renaissance woman: that rare breed of polymath practitioner. She is a credit to the LSE and our generation."

Ragnhild Hatton

Hilde Himmelweit

Safeena Husain

Deborah James

Chrisann Jarrett

Hazel Johnstone

Naila Kabeer

Julia King

Lilian Knowles

Catriona Laing

Jovita Lall
"Building the LSE family and empowering me as a current student to push my boundaries, strive towards knowing the causes of things and reach my full potential."

Margaret Lambert

Jane Lewis
"Professor Jane Lewis taught me when I studied Social Science and Administration at LSE in 1982 -85. She was she a brilliant and compassionate teacher with time for all her students. She taught me that history is a fluid topic which changes according to one's perspective, never to take evidence at face value and always to think in an inter-disciplinary way. She has inspired me in my work and in my approach to thinking. More importantly she has inspired me to have a life-long love of history. Having just retired I have embarked on Local history courses and am about to begin a Medieval Studies course at Madingley, Cambridge. Without Professor Jane's influence I would never have discovered my passion for history nor have been equipped to understand the educational debate."

Margot Light

Christian MacTaggart

Isabel de Madriaga

Lucy Mair

Helen Mayelle

Gay McDougall

Fiona Metcalfe
"Her background is super exciting and impressive."

Katharine Millar

Mia Mottley

Linda Mulcahy
"I first met Linda in 2010 when she was appointed as Doctoral Programme Director in the Department of Law. She played a key role in transforming the Doctoral Programme into one of the highest performing programmes in the School, working with students and academic colleagues to provide support to our doctoral students. During her time at LSE, she has been responsible for setting up the PhD Academy, which was formerly known as the Research Degrees Office. She was the Academy’s inaugural Director, as well as Chair of the LSE ESRC Doctoral Training Centre. She consulted with departments and PhD students to create a space dedicated to supporting and developing the training needs for PhD students. She has expanded the training development programme, bringing in colleagues from the School and externally to work with the School’s PhD students. She has encouraged the students to use the space and has provided funding for them to set up their own workshops and conferences. In my capacity as Chair of the PhD Administrators Forum, I have worked closely with her and have had the opportunity to see how effective she has been. She has been instrumental in bringing together colleagues who work with PhD students across the School, and has generously supported the Forum since its creation in 2011. Linda is a natural innovator and always keen to meet with PhD students and colleagues, taking their advice and suggestions on board. Linda won a Teaching Excellence Award in 2018 for Pastoral Care and Welfare Support, which was well deserved. Linda is one of the most inspiring colleagues I have ever worked with." 

Temi Mwale

Rabia Nasimi

Masana Ndinga Kanga

Helen Pankhurst

Alice Paul

Georgina Pearson
"Georgina (Georgie) is one of the most impressive people I have come to know at the LSE. A medical doctor by training who decided to expand her health practice into the social sciences, Georgie came to the LSE for a PhD in International Development and has made enormous contributions to the department through her research and teaching. She represents the truly interdisciplinary potential that lies within the study of development and the LSE more broadly, demonstrating that deep scientific/medical knowledge and appreciation for social dynamics must go hand in hand in order to generate effective interventions and produce useful, timely academic knowledge. She inspires me through her dedicated labor - seen and unseen - and her collaborative, congenial attitude towards academic research."

Diane Perrons

Anne Phillips

Marion Phillips

Hella Pick 

Ania Plomien
"This is a colleague who has consistently shown feminist solidarity and support; she has supervised students and marked diligently over the years, rarely grumbling. Her ideas and approach to studying Europe have inspired me to think differently about gender equality and what it means to live a feminist life!"

Kari Polanyi Levitt

Eileen Power

LSE Power committee

Jane Pugh

LSE women in Parliament and the Commons

Judith Rees

Research competition winners 2018

Audrey Richards

Eslanda Robeson

Mary Robinson

Margaret Roper

Kit Russell
"She organised social work placements on the Diploma in Social Administration and other courses. She was a really supportive person who made all students feel good. Nobody I knew remembered her making anything but positive comments. Whatever unusual aspirations students had, Kit always managed to find a placement to suit. She also organised posh musical soirees at her Cheyne Walk home but even a poor working-class boy like me felt quite at home. In her time she was the warm heart of the Social Administration department."

Joan Salter

Petra Schleiter
"Petra was my personal tutor when I was reading for my undergraduate degree at Oxford. Not only was she brilliant and extremely accomplished in her field of work, but she also had a very approachable and personal style, which made me feel like I could accomplish anything."

Minouche Shafik

Charlotte Shaw

Jac Sm Kee

Hannah Stanton

Arianna Stassinopoulos
"She is an admirable woman, an excellent all-rounder and a role model for intelligent thinking women of today."

Mary Stiasny

Susan Strange

Herabai and Mithan Tata

Jessica Templeton

Beatriz Uribe

Beatrice Webb

Nicola Wright
"Since her appointment as its Director in 2015, Nicola has provided the LSE Library with a clear sense of direction and demonstrated a most impressive ability to innovate, take risks and manage complex change projects. In addition, thanks to her role as Chair of the Board of Research Libraries UK, she has raised the profile of the LSE Library and reaffirmed its significance as the British Library of Political and Economic Science."

Eileen Younghusband 

Jie (Cherry) Yu

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