SSLC meetings

Staff-Student Liaison Committees

Have your say in the Department 

A great way to have your voice heard by the Department
LSESU SSLC Role Description
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Find out more and become a SSLC representative 

SSLC meetings are one way in which staff and student communicate with each other and reps play a crucial role in ensuring that student concerns are addressed and that students have a say in the running of their programme. If you have any thoughts, ideas or concerns about your programme then these can be raised and discussed at the SSLC by your student representative.

The role of SSLC rep is crucial to effective quality assurance of courses and programmes in the School; and those chosen as SSLC rep will be given full training by the Students Union. As well as having the potential to increase your profile and confidence during your time at LSE, the role of SSLC rep is a great addition to your CV.

The SSLC is run twice a year, once in Michaelmas Term and once in Lent Term. 

The Undergraduate SSLC also elects one rep to attend the relevant school level UG students consultative committee forum. Find out more information on the Undergraduate Students' Consultative Forum.

How do I apply?

Your Programme Manager will send an email asking for volunteers in the first few weeks of Michealmas Term. Please do look out for this email and reply to your Programme Manager.

Undergraduate Programme Manager: Steve Ellis 

Msc Programme Manager: Sarah McManus 

Undergraduate SSLC representatives 

BSc Actuarial Science

name email level 
Heather Cory  1
Joshua Gilligan 1
Zara Ali 1
Rachel Soh 1
Afriena Rasydan 1
Ng Soong Ling 1
Chloe Phan 2
Emma Wang 2
Dylan Chuah 2
Neo Wong 2
Sing Tian Fok 2
Izzatul Binit-Ismail 3
Elroy Pereira 3

BSc Business Mathematics and Statistics, BSc Mathematics, Statistics and Business & BSc Statistics with Finance

name email level 
Shihab Raihan 1
Xinran Jia 1
Luca Matteucci 2
Abarna Vijayakumaran 2
Jennifer Michel 2
Nihara Warawita 2
Anthony Enye 2
Gabor Ratkovics 3
Ghali Fassi-Fihri 3

MSc SSLC representatives  

 MSc Statistics programmes (Statistics, Financial Statistics,Social Statistics and LSE Fudan)

Reps: Alex Pham and Alessandro Morico 

MSc Data Science

Reps: Ekaterina Borisova 

MSc Quantitative Methods for Risk Management 

Reps: Matthew Ashikin and Marina Atta