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About the Department

The Department of Statistics offers a unique opportunity to study actuarial science, data science, financial statistics, insurance and risk and social statistics in a university with a world class reputation of academic excellence in the heart of London.

Statistics is enduringly and increasingly important for making sense of the enormous amounts of data in today’s world


Department of Statistics at LSE has a distinguished history. Its roots can be traced back to the appointment of Sir Arthur Lyon Bowley, an alumnus of the University of Cambridge, at LSE in 1895. He was appointed Chair in Statistics in 1919, probably the first appointment of its kind in Britain.

Presidents of the Royal Statistical Society drawn from the Department include; Arthur Lyon Bowley, Maurice Kendall, Roy D. G. Allen, Henry Wynn, Claus Moser, James Durbin and David J. Bartholomew.

The Department has an international reputation for development of statistical methodology that has grown from its long history of active contributions to research and teaching in statistics for the social sciences.

More information on the Bowley portrait (below) can be found on the Arts pages and LSE blog, (by Sue Donnelly, LSE archivist).

Arthur Lyon Bowley