Researcher Q&As

Short interviews with early career researchers at LSE

Read about the research taking place in different departments across the School, how the PhD candidates feel being a part of LSE, and their advice for prospective students.

Department of Anthropology

Anni Kajanus headshot

Anni Kajanus

A Leverhulme Early Career Fellow researching the dynamics of human cooperation, conflict and competition from a cognitive anthropological perspective.

Read the Q&A with Anni Kajanus

Department of Geography and Environment

A headshot of Cong Peng

Cong Peng

A PhD candidate researching urban economics and policy.

Read the Q&A with Cong Peng

A headshot of LSE researcher Do Young Oh

Do Young Oh

A PhD candidate studying the historical relationship between universities and the urbanisation process in East Asia, from colonial times to the current era. 

Read the Q&A with Do Young Oh

Department of Government

McDonald Lewanika LSE Research

McDonald Lewanika

Doctoral researcher focusing on the politics and development of the African state.

Read the Q&A with McDonald Lewanika

Department of International Development

Max Gallien LSE researcher

Max Gallien

PhD student researching informal economies in the Middle East and North Africa.

Read the Q&A with Max Gallien

Department of International Relations

Ida Danewid | Research student at LSE

Ida Danewid

PhD student researching global solidarity and colonial patterns.

Read the Q&A with Ida Danewid

Department of Law

A headshot of Sroyon Mukherjee

Sroyon Mukherjee

PhD candidate researching the legal cases involving environmental valuation.

Read the Q&A with Sroyon Mukherjee

Department of Management

Atta Addo headshot | LSE researcher

Atta Addo

PhD candidate researching Information Technology in developing countries.

Read the Q&A with Atta Addo

Esther Canonico headshot

Esther Canonico

LSE Fellow researching the effectiveness of flexible working practices and work-life balance.

Read the Q&A with Esther Canonico

Department of Mathematics 

nora frankl headshot | Researcher at LSE

Nόra Frankl 

PhD candidate studying discrete geometry.

Read the Q&A with Nόra Frankl

Department of Media and Communications

Svetlana Smirnova | LSE research

Svetlana Smirnova

PhD candidate investigating data tracking.

Read the Q&A with Svetlana Smirnova


Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method 

A headshot of LSE research candidate Joe Roussos

Joe Roussos

A PhD candidate researching how policymakers can make decisions in the face of highly uncertain science.

Read the Q&A with Joe

A headshot of Chloe de Canson

Chloé de Canson

PhD student researching the philosophy of language.

Read the Q&A with Chloé

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

Celestin Okoroji  headshot

Celestin Okoroji 

PhD candidate researching ideas about unemployed benefit claimants and effects on their self-esteem and wellbeing.

Read the Q&A with Celestin Okoroji

Headshot of Laura Kudrna | LSE researcher

Laura Kudrna

Research officer investigating the relationship between money and happiness. 

Read the Q&A with Laura Kudrna

Department of Social Policy

A headshot of Kate Laffan | LSE researcher

Kate Laffan

PhD candidate studying the reciprocal relationship between human wellbeing and the natural environment. 

Read the Q&A with Kate Laffan

A headshot of Miranda Bevan | LSE researcher

Miranda Bevan

PhD candidate researching children’s experience of being detained in police custody after arrest.

Read the Q&A with Miranda Bevan


Department of Sociology

A headshot of Haneen Naamneh

Haneen Naamneh

PhD candidate researching how the Palestinian community in Jerusalem experienced transformation following the Israeli occupation.

Read the Q&A with Haneen Naamneh

A headshot of Kristina Kolbe

Kristina Kolbe

Researching contemporary forms of music production in Berlin.

Read the Q&A with Kristina Kolbe

Department of Statistics

Researcher profile Yajing Zhu headshot | Researcher at LSE

Yajing Zhu

PhD candidate studying the effects of childhood socioeconomic circumstances on adults’ mental and physical health.

Read the Q&A with Yajing Zhu