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LSE Thinks showcases LSE academics and researchers who are applying their expertise to some of the most pressing issues facing us today.

The series is designed to highlight examples of our world-leading academics informing key public debates and discussions through research, blog posts, interviews, public lectures, podcasts and news stories.

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Latest news

Digital media 200x200

Digital media helps with parenting and brings families together

Engaging in digital media activities such as watching films, playing games and keeping in touch via messaging brings families together, according to a new report.  Read the full story 

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Parents' lives made more miserable by boomerang generation

The cost of housing and job insecurity means about a quarter of young adults in the UK are living with their parents  Read the full story

Latest blogs

English civil war 200x200

Brexit has the semblance of a new English Civil War

Stefan Collignon argues that one of the fascinating features of the Brexit vote was that it reflected the old trenches of the English Civil War.… Read the full blog

wind-farm 200x200

William Beveridge’s sixth giant: environmental sustainability

Sam Fankhauser suggests, if William Beveridge were around today he would worry about the environment... Read the full blog

Latest podcasts

Brexit 200x200

Article 50: one year on

One year on from the triggering of Article 50, how far have the Brexit negotiations progressed? Listen to the podcast

LSEIQ 200x200

LSE IQ: Why is democracy declining?

The watchdog Freedom House recently published a report cautioning that democracy had faced its most serious crisis in decades. What might lie behind this decline in global freedom, and what the future might hold for democracy? Listen to the podcast