Kuwait Programme

Research Projects

The Kuwait Programme conducts and facilitates original research into fundamental questions in the social sciences of relevance to Kuwait. Research is carried out by Centre staff, academics based in other LSE departments and by Visiting Fellows from Kuwait and the GCC.

The Programme currently runs the following research projects:

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Access to, Utilisation of and Satisfaction with Healthcare Services in Kuwait

This project examines the causes of some of the most prevalent chronic diseases and studies the main determinants of the access to, utilisation of and satisfaction with the healthcare system in Kuwait.

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The Comparative Political Economy of the MENA Region

This project acts as a facilitator to re-energise comparative political economy research on the MENA region. While tackling some of the large political economy issues that are MENA-specific, its primary aim is to put the region into wider comparative context in the developing world.

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Resource Urbanism: Natural Resources, Urban Form and Infrastructure in the Case of Asia's Diverging City Models

This project examines multiple aspects of how natural resources, urban form and infrastructure affect each other and potentially lead to the establishment of divergent forms of urbanism.

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Spaces of Living: Urban Reflections of Kuwaiti Society

This research project addresses the process of urbanisation in Kuwait post-oil discovery through exploring changes in ways of life in Kuwaiti society and relating them to the physical spaces where these behaviours are practiced.

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Utilising Applied Behavioural Research to Execute Subsidy Reform in Kuwait

This  project brings together Kuwait University and LSE to work on a collaboration that aims to identify methods of applied behavioural research through which Kuwait’s government can successfully implement sustainable economic reform.

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Qabila in the 21st Century: The Role of Tribes in the Domestic Politics of the Gulf

This research project analyses the political role of tribes within Gulf societies, often described as intensely tribal. It seeks to answer critical questions about the degree to which tribes hinder or advance popular participation in government, as well as to reveal how and to what extent tribes exert domestic political power. 

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