Methodology seminar room


The School has always been at the forefront of methodological development in the social sciences.

The School-wide MSc Social Research Methods, drawing on teaching from nine departments, and accepting students specialising in many of the disciplines offered by the School, is the flagship of the Department's teaching efforts. The MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods attracts students who identify a substantive area of research and also demonstrate a particular methodological interest, aiming at a methodological development, for example in collecting innovative new data, new analytic techniques, method comparison, evaluation or validation, method critique, applying existing methodology in new contexts, or cost-benefit analysis of methodologies. 

Through these two programmes, and the Department's provision of courses for research students from all parts of the School, the aim is to make the School the pre-eminent centre for methodological training in the social sciences.            

The Department is also home to a number of funded research projects and faculty who publish in top journals across the social sciences.

The Department of Methodology operates a Visiting Fellows scheme, to enable academics, researchers and practitioners from other institutions to spend a period of time conducting research or to be involved in other activities which will benefit the Department.

Please see our people page, where there is a full list of our current research students. Some have links to their individual pages which details full information on their research areas.