Dr Milena Tsvetkova

Dr Milena Tsvetkova

Assistant Professor in Quantitative Methodology

Department of Methodology

0207 107 5044
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COL 8.03
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Mondays 15:00 - 17:00
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About me

Milena Tsvetkova is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Methodology. She completed her PhD in Sociology at Cornell University in 2015. Prior to joining LSE in 2017, she was a Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Social Science at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.

Research interests

Milena’s research interests lie in the fields of computational and experimental social science. She employs online experiments, network analysis, and agent-based models to study fundamental social phenomena such as cooperation, contagion, and inequality.

Her current work investigates the structural conditions under which inequality emerges and worsens when individuals interact in large social groups. In collaboration with Claudia Wagner (University of Koblenz and GESIS) and Andrew Mao (Microsoft Research), she is working on incorporating gamification to develop new methods for large-scale social interaction experiments online.


Computational methods; network analysis; experiments; agent-based modeling; cooperation; collective behavior; social psychology

Selected publications

M. Tsvetkova, R. García-Gavilanes, L. Floridi, and T. Yasseri. 2017. Even Good Bots Fight: The Case of Wikipedia. PLoS ONE 12(2): e0171774.

M. Tsvetkova, R. García-Gavilanes, L. Floridi, and T. Yasseri. 2017. Even Good Bots Fight: The Case of Wikipedia. Forthcoming in PLOS One.

M. Tsvetkova, R. García-Gavilanes, and T. Yasseri. 2016. Dynamics of Disagreement: Large-Scale Temporal Network Analysis Reveals Negative Interactions in Online Collaboration. Scientific Reports 6:36333.

M. Tsvetkova, O. Nilsson, C. Öhman, L. Sumpter, and D. Sumpter. 2016. An Experimental Study of Segregation Mechanisms. EPJ Data Science 5:4.

M. Tsvetkova and M.W. Macy. 2015. The Social Contagion of Antisocial Behavior. Sociological Science 2:36-49.

M.W. Macy and M. Tsvetkova. 2015. The Signal Importance of Noise. Sociological Methods and Research 44(2):306-328.

M. Tsvetkova and M.W. Macy. 2014. The Social Contagion of Generosity. PLOS One 9(2):e87275.

A.K. Shaw, M. Tsvetkova, and R. Daneshvar. 2011. The Effect of Gossip on Social Networks. Complexity 16(4):39-47.