Professor George Gaskell

Professor of Social Psychology and Research Methodology, Special Advisor to the Director

Department of Methodology

About me

Joined the London School of Economics in 1973, having graduated from University College London (BSc and PhD in psychology).  Member of the Department of Social Psychology (1971-96) Co-founder and Director Methodology Institute (1996-06), now the Department of Methodology and Pro-director for planning and resources (2007-14).

Research interests

Science, technology and society; expert and lay representations of risk; social and ethical implications of the life sciences and neuroscience; values, attitudes, representations and belief systems, quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Research projects and recent reports

Chair of LSE and Partners Consortium on Behavioural Science, conducting studies in support of European Commission Directives and policy discussions on tobacco health warnings, energy labelling; environmental footprints, on-line gambling and protective measures for children playing on-line games.

Leading LSE participation and academic director of a twelve country European Commission funded study on responsible research and innovation in neuro-enhancement (NERRI).


Director: LSE100

Selected publications

Science, technology and society

Gaskell, G et al. (2012). Publics and Biobanks: European Diversity and the Challenge of Responsible Innovation",  European Journal of Human Genetics 1–7.

Gaskell, G., Stares, S. and Pottage, A. (2012).  How Europe’s ethical divide looms over biotech law and patents, Nature Biotechnology 30, 5, 392-394.

Gottweis, H., Gaskell, G. and Starkbaum, J. (2011).  Connecting the public with biobank research: reciprocity matters,  Nature Reviews Genetics, 12, 738-739.

Gaskell, G. and Gottweis, H. (2011) Biobanks need publicity, Nature, 47,159-160.

Gaskell, G. et al (2011)  The 2010 Eurobarometer on the life sciences, Nature Biotechnology, 29, 2, 113-114.

Behavioural science

Bogliacino, F., Gaskell, G. et al (2015).  Pathos and Ethos: Emotions and willingness to pay for tobacco products, PLOS ONE, 20 October 2015.

Codagnone, C.,  Bogliacino, F.,  Veltri, G.A.,  Lupiáñez-Villanueva, F., Gaskell, G (2014). Nudging in the World of International Policymaking: PART 3 – Applied Perspectives, Psychology and Behavioral Economics in Practice.  In A. Samson (Ed.), The Behavioral Economics Guide 2014 (1st ed.) (pp. 51-58).

Representations, beliefs and attitudes

Lopes, C.A. and Gaskell, G (2015). Social Representations and Societal Psychology. Ch.2 in G.

Sammut, E. Andreouli and G.Gaskell (eds). Handbook of Social Representations.  Oxford: OUP.

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Research methodology

Gaskell, G., Hohl, K and Gerber, M. Do closed survey questions over-estimate public perceptions of food risks?  (under review)

Hohl, K and Gaskell, G. (2008)  European public perceptions of food risk: cross national and methodological comparisons. Risk Analysis, 28, 2, 311-324.

Bauer, M. W. and Gaskell, G. (2000) (eds) Qualitative researching with text, image and sound. London: Sage.