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Global Migration

The IGA Global Migration Initiative aims to step up research and find workable policy solutions, both emergency measures and long term thinking, for the truly global and urgent challenge of international migration and refugee crisis.

Since its launch in late 2015, we have engaged in new research, connected multidisciplinary research themes within LSE and beyond through a new network, the Alliance of Lead Universities on Migration (ALUM), and strived to inform policy debate at the local, national, regional and global levels at a number of conferences and seminars. Our outreach is supported by the novel online course MigrationMatters, which makes top notch academic research accessible to wider audiences.   

Alliance of Lead Universities on Migration (ALUM)

ALUM is a unique collaboration among lead universities in Europe and frontier countries in North Africa and the Middle East, forging an alliance to help bridge the gap between research and policy in the management of the current migrant and refugee crisis. ALUM’s network identifies the key units and researchers ready and willing to contribute their expertise to work across national and disciplinary boundaries towards evidence-based policy solutions. ALUM is willing to reason publicly, to interact directly with private stakeholders and governmental institutions and, if need be, to engage in closed door negotiations for maximum impact. ALUM now has twelve European institutions as members and the American University of Beirut (AUB) has expressed interest in joining. In all its events ALUM has engaged with policymakers from both frontier and destination countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden, as well as UN agencies and European institutions. 

Migration Research

Supported by the Milken Institute, IGA has appointed a Milken Fellow in the area of migration: Dr Dominik Hangartner (LSE). The first draft of the research paper will be presented at an international conference in early December 2016 at the Milken Institute’s London Summit.

Migration Experts in LSE

The initiative facilitates collaboration of researchers within the LSE working on migration. Please find the list of LSE academics who are engaged research on migration and the refugee crisis.

IGA Migration Video Competition

LSE IGA has announced a short video competition in co-operation with online video platform Chainy calling on filmmakers worldwide to submit videos on migration and the refugee crisis. Prizes are sponsored by the Open Society Foundation. We have received dozens of creative, thoughtful and original contributions and will announce the winner on November 25 at the LSE Event Beyond Tolerance: Citizenship, Diversity, and Constructive Conflict; to register, please click here. Meanwhile, please watch our video shortlist here. 

Migration Matters

IGA supports a novel free online course on migration MigrationMatters. This features lectures by top- notch researchers from ALUM network and other universities worldwide. MigrationMatters also allows course participants to interact with researchers, practitioners - and even migrants. The course is turning researchers’ scientific deliberations into accessible videos, texts, and activities. The goal of the course is to raise awareness in an enjoyable yet challenging way, which also ensures that after completing the course participants will have gained serious insights grounded in facts, evidence, and rigorous research. Further details here.