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Arena analyses the root cause of distorted information, polarisation and hate speech, and runs projects designed to fight back against them.

The “age of information” has mutated into the “age of disinformation”. The proliferation of false stories and the division of citizens into mutually exclusive echo chambers are undermining democracy.  Authoritarian rulers have learnt to entrench their power by flooding societies with disinformation. Aggressive states and terrorist groups use mass media falsifications, hate videos and social media ‘trolls’ to destabilize other countries and communities. Across the world the internet and global media have empowered conspiracy theorists and violent extremist groups to set the social agenda.

Arena  will find creative ways to counter the menace of unreality, and to foster a fact-based discourse that enhances security, enables deliberative democracy and entrenches trust.  Our pilot projects in 2017 will bring together old and new media, fact-checkers and computer scientists to better understand and to combat the problem of online polarisation.