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The Governance Project is dedicated to deepening our understanding of the root causes of the seismic shifts in many political systems in both developed and emerging economies and to designing and testing responses that can help revitalize democracy and foster institutional transformation.

The Governance Project currently has three subprojects:

  1. Arena  analyses and tests effective counter-strategies to the problems of disinformation, polarisation and hate speech. Further information here.
  2. The new Transformation Lab will work with governments and civil society in countries undergoing fundamental economic and political transformation to support the building of institutions through research and peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and experience. Further information here.
  3. The Who Owns What project, joint with the UK government and the two NGOs Global Witness and Open Corporates, draws on a new publicly available dataset to analyse critical elements of transparency in corporate and political governance. Further information here.

Within the overall Governance Project, we will explore links between the three governance projects, e.g., demonstrating ownership links between media holdings and other business interests in specific countries undergoing transformation.

Peter Pomerantsev

“Is Donald Trump a postmodern president?” In this opinion piece as part of Newsnight, journalist, writer and IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Peter Pomerantsev argues that President Trump and President Putin share a disdain for facts - and that this is part of their appeal.

Anne Applebaum

IGA Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum talks to the Washington Post about the real story in the Netherlands being the implosion of the centre-left. Read the full article here.

LSE IGA hosted a high calibre panel on Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution on February 20 as part of the ongoing LSE Literary Festival with Anne Applebaum/LSE, Olena Bilan/CE, Dragon Capital,Mustafa Nayeem/MP, Ukraine, and Vladyslav Rashkovan/former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Ukraine.  You can listen to the podcast here and find a full summary here.
Newspaper Stand
Pomeranzev, P., February 2017, ‘Wolves in Nationalist clothing’Politico.
Anne Applebaum
IGA Visiting Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum in the FT on Europe needing a new defense pact and Britain potentially leading it. Read the full article here.
Anne Applebaum
IGA Visiting Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum spoke to Channel 4 News on the upcoming launch of an exciting new project with the London School of Economics, which will investigate the spreading of untrue information. Watch the video here.
Anne Applebaum
IGA Professor in Practice, journalist and prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum  spoke to the Washington Post on the idea of a ‘global’ Britain in the context of Brexit and the newly developing U.K.-U.S. ‘special relationship’. Read the full article here.
Anne Applebaum
IGA Professor in Practice, journalist and prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum spoke to Spiegel on what the rise of Donald Trump means for Europe, what the future holds for NATO and whether democracy can survive the rise of right-wing populism.Read the full article here.