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IDEAS Projects

IDEAS hosts innovative research projects on diplomacy, foreign policy and the issues that transcended regional boundaries.

All IDEAS projects are multidisciplinary and engage regularly with policy-makers and practitioners.


China Foresight

Analysing Chinese strategy and foreign policy from the inside out by understanding the domestic policy making process in China and engaging with the ongoing debates among Chinese academics and senior policy-makers. 

Cold War Studies

Cold War Studies Project

Continuing the work of IDEAS as the leading centre in Europe for advanced study and research into the key aspects of the Cold War, their historical origins and their contemporary repercussions. CWSP is home to the journal Cold War History and a range of international partnerships. 

Dahrendorf Forum

Dahrendorf Forum

A joint project between LSE and German partners the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and Stiftung Mercator leading the debate on Europe’s external relations and honouring the legacy of former LSE Director Ralf Dahrendorf. Supported by the Stiftung Mercator Foundation. 

LSE Diplomacy Commission

LSE Diplomacy Commission

A forum for informed, private and strategic discussion on the future of British diplomacy. An experienced group of Commissioners held private hearings with expert witnesses, to produce the Investing for Influence report on the UK's place in the world. Supported by a LSE HEIF 5 award.


Global Strategies @ LSE

Connecting academics with Whitehall and beyond. The aim of the project is to provide sound practical advice on how strategy can be made more effective, bringing together a wide range of academics from LSE with senior practitioners past and present from the UK and overseas.

International Drug Policy Project

International Drug Policy Project

A cross-regional research project setting the agenda in debates on the international drug control system through the acclaimed Governing the Global Drug Wars report and Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy. Supported by Open Society Foundations and the British Council. 

Power Shifts

Power Shifts

Power Shifts investigates claims that across the world power is moving: particularly from the US to China, from West to East, and from states to non-state actors. Through multidisciplinary collaborations the project seeks to understand how power may transition from one actor to another.


If you’d like to support one of our projects, please contact us. 

Prof Niall Ferguson and Prof Arne Westad