Master's Students Event Reports

Want to get published on an academic platform? Register your interest now if you'd like to write a report on one of our upcoming events for our USAPP blog!

We are offering current LSE Master’s students the opportunity to write reports summarising the events in our public lecture series, to be published on the Phelan US Centre's USAPP blog. Our USAPP blog received 1 million page views in 2022 and is a great way for your writing to reach a wide, international audience.

This initiative is designed to give Master’s students the chance to hone their blog-writing skills and to get their writing published on a reputable academic platform with a global readership.

Are you interested in writing an event report? Register your interest by filling out this quick form. We will approach successful applicants throughout the term as our event series progresses. 

Please read the guidance below before applying so that you know what writing an event report entails.

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Event Report Guidance

  • Length: Up to 600 words 

  • Content: If possible, do some research before the event so that you have some background on the speaker and the topic. Take notes during the event to help you write the report after it has finished. Finally, when you get to writing the report, summarise the event, including what the speaker talks about and what is discussed during the Q&A section.

  • Deadline: The Monday following the event 

  • Edits: The USAPP blog team will read the report and make some small edits, when necessary, before publishing 

  • Please note: An event report is not an op-ed or commentary piece. It is a summary of the event. Any event reports that cover topics over than the event, or introduce the author’s own opinion regarding the issues addressed in the event, will not be published.

Event Reports 2022-23