Global Governance in an Age of Fracture

In this event, an expert panel discussed the future of global governance in light of weakening support for traditional international institutions such as the UN and the WTO.




Selina Ho is Assistant Professor in International Affairs and Co-Director of the Centre on Asia and Globalisation, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. She specializes in Chinese politics and foreign policy. The author of two books, she has published many peer-reviewed articles. Prior to academia, she served as a civil servant in Singapore.



Charles A Kupchan is Professor of International Affairs in the School of Foreign Service and Government Department at Georgetown University, and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He served as Special Assistant to the President in the Obama White House and on the National Security Council in both the Obama and the first Clinton administrations.


C. Raja Mohan is a Senior Fellow with the Asia Society Policy Institute in Delhi and a Visiting Research Professor at the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore. He has published widely on India’s foreign and security policies, Asian geopolitics, and the global governance of advanced technologies. He is a columnist for Foreign Policy and the Indian Express.


Cornelia Woll is President of the Hertie School and Professor of International Political Economy. Her research focuses on international political economy and economic sociology, in particular regulatory issues in the EU and the US. Before joining the Hertie School, she was a Professor of Political Science, Co-Director of the Max Planck Center, and a researcher at the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics at Sciences Po in Paris. 


Peter Trubowitz

Peter Trubowitz (@ptrubowitz) is Professor of International Relations and Director of the Phelan US Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Associate Fellow at Chatham House.


Podcast and Video

This event was held on 1 June 2023.

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