Tali Mendelberg

Do American Universities Promote Income Inequality?

Affluent Americans support more conservative economic policies than the non-affluent and government responds disproportionately to these views. Yet little is known about the emergence of these consequential views which are partly traceable to socialization that occurs on predominately affluent college campuses, especially those with norms of financial gain and especially among socially embedded students.

Tali Mendelberg explored how ‘the affluent campus effect’ illustrates how college socialization partly explains why affluent Americans support economically conservative policies.



Tali Mendelberg, is a professor at Princeton University and author of several award-winning books including The Race Card: Campaign Strategy, Implicit Messages, and the Norm of Equality and The Silent Sex: Gender, Deliberation and Institutions.



Peter Trubowitz (@ptrubowitz), Director of the US Centre and Head of the Department of International Relations at LSE.

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 This event was held on 21 March 2017 and is part of our 'America in Global Perspective Series', supported by the British Association for American Studies and the US Embassy.

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