Syllabus Hub on Climate Change and Sustainability

Working with an LSE student to convene the world on climate change and sustainability

In 2022, the Phelan US Centre was awarded a £3,000 grant from the LSE Sustainable Projects Fund to create an interdisciplinary syllabus hub focusing on climate change and sustainability. The Centre used this grant to recruit an undergraduate research assistant to work with us on the syllabus project.

As one of the most important issues facing the US and the world, it is important to build a base of knowledge about climate change and its impacts for educators in universities and beyond.

The objective of this project is to create an online space that brings together the global literature on these critical issues. This will be a valuable academic resource for students, researchers and academics at LSE and other universities. It will help to reinforce LSE’s status as a global convenor on climate change and the environment.  

Our syllabus hub will collate course reading lists from academics and universities around the world which focus on climate change and sustainability, particularly as these issues relate to the United States.  

We aim to collate resources covering all aspects of climate change as it relates to the US, including:

  • Domestic and international climate politics
  • Decarbonising economies
  • Climate policy and law
  • Sustainable finance
  • Climate politics and decolonisation
  • Climate change and race
  • Loss and damage, domestically and internationally

Do you teach a climate change related higher education-level course, and are happy to share your syllabus or reading list with us? Please get in touch with us at

The Syllabus Hub on Climate Change and Sustainability will be hosted on the Phelan US Centre website. We will be updating the page with updates on our Syllabus Hub - please check back regularly.  


Introducing our Research Assistant


Name: Honour Astill
Year: 2
Department: Government

Project Supervisors: Professor Peter Trubowitz and Chris Gilson (Phelan US Centre)


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