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Working in London

As a General Course student with a Student Visa you have automatic entitlement to work on or off campus up to 20 hours each week of the academic term, and more in vacation times.

More information about this can be found here.


LSE Careers
The headquarters of many major UK and international businesses, organisations and institutes are based in London and around LSE.

LSE Careers can support you to make the most of LSE’s location by finding part-time work, organising internships or work experience, and volunteering. We can also help you find career opportunities in London, the UK, and worldwide after graduation.

Find out more about LSE Careers services and support.  

The Intern Group
LSE has negotiated a special deal with The Intern Group that gives General Course students the opportunity to undertake an internship during their time on the programme.

For an exceptional price of £590, General Course students can apply for an internship totalling eight weeks, from the end of November to early December 2019 and mid-February to early March 2020, within a sector of the economy of their choosing – from blue-chip firms to fast growing small and medium-sized businesses, to non-profit organisations and government departments.
The Intern Group have a physical office in London and provide 24 hour support; proprietary training materials and videos; lifetime membership of their alumni network, and assistance in obtaining academic credit from students’ home institutions (should this be possible).
Please note that these internships are wholly separate from study at LSE and are undertaken in addition to the four full-year (or the equivalent in half-unit) courses that General Course students must take. 

General Course students interested in adding an internship to their study abroad experience should apply directly to The Intern Group before they arrive in London.

Please note that LSE Careers are not partnered with The Intern Group