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Code of behaviour

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is committed to ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and consideration. We expect all participants on LSE Student Recruitment and Study Abroad (SRSA) events and activities to behave responsibly and respect the rights of other participants, staff and volunteers. This is to ensure that all participants benefit from and enjoy our events and to ensure the health and safety of all involved.

Before taking part in any LSE Student Recruitment and Study Abroad (SRSA) activity please read and confirm that you agree to follow the expectations outlined in this Code of Behaviour.

General expectations

Whilst participating in any in-person or online LSE SRSA activity, I will:

  • act responsibly. I understand that acting responsibly includes, but is not limited to, following the expectations outlined in this Code of Behaviour
  • engage with all activities, listening and contributing at appropriate times
  • show respect and consideration to all participants, staff and volunteers
  • use appropriate language with all participants, staff and volunteers
  • recognise and respect individual differences and not engage in offensive actions or language towards participants, staff or volunteers (including, but not limited to, those based on appearance, background, disability, gender, sexuality, race, religious or lack of religious beliefs)
  • not form, nor seek to form, personal or intimate relationships with staff or volunteers
  • not share, nor request, staff, volunteers or external organisations’ contact details, including LinkedIn details
  • ensure all communication with staff, volunteers and external organisations goes through the appropriate central LSE SRSA channel
  • tell SRSA staff, a parent/carer or trusted adult if I am contacted by staff (outside the central SRSA channels), volunteers or external organisations through my personal email or social media, or I feel uncomfortable about the behaviour of a participant, staff or volunteer
  • follow any additional rules or requests set by LSE staff.

In-person activities 

Whilst participating in any in-person LSE SRSA event or activity, I will:

  • not purchase, bring on to university campus or consume any illegal substances at any point
  • follow housekeeping instructions and emergency procedures, such as fire drills or evacuations, as directed by LSE staff
  • act safely and responsibly when participating in events and activities both on and off campus, carefully following the instructions of staff or volunteers
  • take care of valuables and respect others’ property, including LSE property
  • understand that LSE does not accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal property during activities and that valuables are brought to activities at your own risk
  • be polite and considerate in my behaviour. If behaviour is disruptive to LSE students, staff or other participants, arrangements will be made for you to leave the campus and your school/college will be informed

Online activities

Whilst participating in any online LSE SRSA event or activity, I will:

      • register individually and not share the invitation link with anyone else
      • turn all other devices off/on silent whilst taking part
      • be aware of my surroundings and ensure I have nothing personal, sensitive or offensive in view or audible when I have my camera or microphone turned on
      • not record, screenshot or photograph activities or share images or activity content with anyone else
      • not have private or one-to-one conversations with participants or volunteers
      • not share, nor request, phone numbers, email addresses or social media accounts in online channels, such as chat functions or mentoring platforms.

Attendance and punctuality

Whilst participating in any in-person or online LSE SRSA event or activity, I will:

  • attend on the communicated day(s)/time(s) once I have confirmed my place
  • inform the SRSA team before the event if I am no longer able to attend, so that your place can be offered to another prospective student
  • arrive on time, taking into consideration travel delays or technical issues. If I am late (or lost for in-person activities), I will contact the SRSA team as soon as I can to explain and/or ask for help.

Serious incidents of misbehaviour

In the event of serious incidents of misbehaviour, including bullying, harassment, fighting or the use of illegal substances, you will not be allowed to continue the activity. For in-person events, arrangements will be made for you to leave the campus. For online activities, your access will be withdrawn. We may also report any inappropriate behaviour to your school/college or relevant authorities.