LSE Bursaries

Undergraduate students from the UK are eligible for an LSE Bursary depending on their household income. The maximum LSE Bursary available is £4,000 per year for those students with the lowest residual household incomes.

LSE Discretionary Bursaries are also available to UK undergraduate students with exceptional financial need.

LSE Accommodation Bursaries are also available for UK undergraduate nationals from lower-income households to help towards the cost of halls of residence.


Undergraduate students from the UK are eligible for an LSE Bursary depending on their household income (see these details below). 

Eligibility is assessed annually. There is no limit to the number of LSE Bursaries available. All students who are eligible for an LSE Bursary will receive one.

The LSE Bursary does not have to be repaid.

Please note that LSE Bursaries are only available to LSE students. LSE does not provide financial support to those studying at other institutions.

LSE Bursary amounts

Below are the values of the LSE Bursary for students commencing undergraduate programmes in 2023/24. These values apply to UK students.

Student's household income
(as assessed by Student Finance)

LSE Bursary value
(per year)

£0 - £18,000


£18,001 - £25,000


£25,001 - £30,000


£30,001 - £35,000


£35,001 - £42,875


You can use the LSE Bursary to help with your living costs, to help pay your accommodation or even to help with your tuition fees. It is up to you how you choose to use your LSE Bursary.

How to apply

UK students

UK students do not have to apply separately for the LSE Bursary.

We will use the financial information you provide to Student Finance when applying for your maintenance loan to determine your eligibility for and the value of your Bursary. Please make sure you consent to share the information you and your parent or guardian provide to Student Finance so that we are able to assess your eligibility.

See the section on applying for student loans for further information.

You will be notified before the start of your degree programme of your Bursary award, through a letter from Student Finance sent on behalf of LSE. The LSE Bursary will then be paid into your bank account in three termly instalments. The first instalment will be paid in the October of the first term once you have registered.

Current LSE students

Current LSE students may also apply during the academic year and for your second or third year of study, even if you have not previously applied. 

If you think you are entitled to an LSE Bursary but have not received your notification letter by the end of the Michaelmas Term you should contact the Financial Support Office. Please note that if you contact us after the end of Lent Term, we will not be able to award an LSE Bursary for the current the academic year. 

Payment of Bursaries

LSE Bursaries are paid by electronic transfer directly into your bank/building society account.

It is essential that Student Finance have the correct details of your bank/building society account in order to make the payment. This information is required well in advance of your programme start date.

The scheduled payment dates for 2022/23 are: 
Michaelmas Term: 07 October 2022
Lent Term: 27 January 2023
Summer Term: 16 May 2023

Each payment will take approximately five working days from the scheduled payment date to show in the recipient's bank account.

If you apply late to Student Finance, did not agree to share the information you supplied to Student Finance with LSE, or you register or re-register after the start of term, there may a delay with your payment; your individual payments dates will be included in your Bursary notification. The final date to be considered for an LSE Bursary for the 2022/23 academic year is 27 March 2023

LSE Discretionary Bursary

LSE Discretionary Bursaries are available to UK undergraduate students with exceptional financial need. They are intended as a top up to the standard LSE Bursary, or can be awarded if a student’s household income falls outside of the sliding scales.

You must have applied for all statutory support available to you from Student Finance to be considered for an LSE Discretionary Bursary. If you are already entitled to the maximum value LSE Bursary of £4000 we are unable to award an LSE Discretionary Bursary.

LSE Discretionary Bursaries are made in exceptional circumstances. This might include for example, caring responsibilities, financial need related to disability, etc.

The value of the award may vary according to need but is not expected to exceed a total of £4,000 when combined with the LSE Bursary. The LSE Bursary scales will be used to calculate your entitlement, however you can apply for an LSE Discretionary Bursary if your family’s income does not reflect their ability to support you.

To be considered for an LSE Discretionary Bursary you will need to complete the LSE Undergraduate Scholarship application. The deadline for the receipt of this application is 1 June 2023.

If you would like to be considered for other scholaships as well, you will also need to submit an academic reference with the LSE Undergraduate Scholarship Application. 

You will be notified of the outcome of your application for a LSE Discretionary Bursary once we have had confirmation of your LSE Bursary entitlement,so this is likely to be October when you start your programe. You can be awarded a maximum of £4,000 from both sources combined.