Guidance on Addresses

Ensuring that your contact address meets the correct format for the application system.

We recognise that addresses can vary greatly by country. To ensure that your record is correct, and that important information about your application reaches you, please follow our guidance below.

On the online application form you will be requested to provide a main (home) address, with the option to also provide a second (contact) address if this is different.

Please ensure that both addresses fit within the supplied fields, if necessary compressing across fewer lines than you would usually.

Please ensure you do not repeat any lines of your address - it is not necessary to fill every field if your address is shorter than the number of fields provided. Do not put N/A or not applicable (or other variations) in fields that do not apply - just leave these fields blank.

If you are updating your address after you have applied because you move or have noticed an error, please ensure it meets the above criteria.