Management Department Fee Deposits

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Taught master's programmes in the Department of Management

To secure a place on certain programmes, you may be required to pay a deposit of 10% of the Home tuition fee within six weeks of receiving your offer. Part time students should pay the deposit pro-rata (ie half the amount stated).

When you enrol at LSE, any tuition fee deposit paid will automatically be counted towards the tuition fees payable – you will only be required to pay the balance of the tuition fees. 

Applicable programmes 

Your offer letter will specify if you are required to pay this deposit. If no deposit is required, the deposit will not be mentioned in your offer letter. 

Programmes that require deposits as described on this page are: 

  • MSc Management (N2UB)  

  • Global Master’s in Management (N1UH) 

  • MSc Management and Strategy (N1UG) 

  • MSc Marketing (N5U1) 

  • MSc Economics and Management (N2U5)

  • MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation (G5U4) 

  • MSc Human Resources and Organisations (N6U7/N6U8/N6U9) 

  • MSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (N2UA)

Please note that the guidance on this page does not apply to deposits required by certain programmes offered by the Department of Finance. Offer holders for the Department of Finance will find guidance regarding any required deposits on their offer letter and in communications from the department. You can also check their webpage here. 

Payment deadline 

Tuition Fee Deposits must be paid by the payment deadline specified on your offer letter. This will be six weeks after the date your offer letter was issued or the day preceding the teaching start date specified in your offer letter, whichever is the earlier.

The School may at its discretion extend the payment deadline.  


Tuition fee deposits should be made through the School’s online payment portal, accessible via the Graduate Applicant Portal. Payments may be made either by yourself or a third party. 

Payment may be made in multiple instalments provided that the full tuition fee deposit is paid to LSE by the payment deadline.   


We may exempt offer holders who are able to provide official documentary evidence to LSE Graduate Admissions that they have secured funding that will cover either their deposit in full or tuition fees in full from one of the following sources:  

  • Sponsorship from a company, government body, employer, charitable or third-party nondomestic organisation  

  • Bank or equivalent loan
  • Private loan (e.g. Prodigy Finance, Sallie Mae)  

  • Government loans (e.g. U.S Federal, Canadian, UK PG loan) 

  • Military funding (e.g. VA, ELCAS) 

Exemptions may also be considered for categories not illustrated above. Please use the Extenuating Circumstances form on the Graduate Applicant Portal (GAP) to request an exemption, providing documentary evidence for your request.

LSE requires evidence of funding in the form of a formal, dated letter of award from the funding body on its letterhead and signed by an authorised officer of the funding body specifying the name of the offer holder and programme of study.  

If you have not finalised funding when you receive your offer from LSE, the School may exempt or extend the payment due date if you can provide evidence of an in-progress application. 

Non-payment of Tuition Fee Deposits 

Failure to pay the Tuition Fee Deposit in full by the payment deadline may result in LSE withdrawing your offer, meaning that you would be unable to enrol. 


Deposits are non-refundable except in exceptional cases. If you have paid the deposit but are not able to take up your place, you may request a refund by providing the details of your circumstances. LSE has absolute discretion to decide whether a refund will be granted. In the case that a refund is paid, it will be subject to an administration charge of £250.

Conditions of Registration 

This guidance should be read in conjunction with the School’s Tuition Fee Policy and Conditions of Registration and Enrolment. 

Please note that payment of the tuition fee deposit alone does not guarantee the ability to enrol at LSE – the Conditions of Registration and Enrolment must be met.