Request to cancel, swap, extend or move out early

What to do if you want us to make changes to your accommodation contract

In this section, you find information on how to request an amendment to your room booking. 

We hope you're enjoying your accommodation but we know that circumstances can change. You're bound by the contract you signed, but if you want to cancel before you arrive, swap your room, book extra accommodation during the vacation, or arrive early here's a guide on what to do.

Cancel before you arrive

For details on how to cancel your accommodation before you arrive visit Book accommodation in halls.

Move out early

If you want to move out of your hall early, you have to let us know by submitting an early leaver form.

For more details and to access the forms, visit: Moving out early


Swap rooms in a hall or between halls

If you want to move to a different room in your hall or another LSE hall, you need to find a suitable student to swap with. We allow swaps after the first two weeks of Michaelmas Term and up until 22 April each year.

Who can use this form?
Students in LSE halls and Sidney Webb House.

To start the swapping process you need to:

  • check that it's two weeks into Michaelmas term and no later than 22 April
  • download and print the accommodation swap form [PDF]
  • get it signed by the wardens and managers/administrators (in both halls, if applicable)
  • return the completed form to the Residential Services Office at least three days before the swap
  • you may also need to complete a new inventory and next of kin form (your hall will let you know)

Room swap FAQ

Q: What if I'm in Lilian Knowles House or an urbanest or University of London hall? You can't use this form to swap rooms with another student if one or both of you are in a non-LSE hall. If both of you live in a hall with the same provider, the local reception staff will be able to tell you if and how you can swap.

Q: What if I live in a non-LSE hall and want to swap with someone in an LSE hall? We will try to accommodate the request, but you need to have permission from your hall first. You can only swap with someone suitable for your hall and room. Please contact us for advice first.

Q: Can I swap into a room that's currently empty?
No, vacant rooms are reserved for students who don't yet live in halls.

Stay in halls during the Christmas, Easter, or summer vacation

Christmas and Easter vacations

If you are in a hall with a 31 week contract that doesn't cover the Christmas and Easter vacations, you may be able to book extra accommodation.

Different rates apply during the vacation periods and we cannot guarantee you the same room or room type. Payment for rooms over the Christmas and Easter vacations need to be made when you book. Visit Staying at your hall during Christmas or Easter.

Summer vacation

If you are in a hall with a 31, 38 or 40 week contract that does not cover the summer vacation, you can apply for a room over the summer in another hall.  For longer stays, see what's available and how you can apply at: Summer vacation accommodation

Short stays of a week or less may be possible at your hall. Speak to reception for details.

Arrive early, before your contract starts

You may be able to arrive before your contract starts, but the process depends on which hall you're in for term time. Visit Arriving early at your hall.