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BA in Anthropology and Law

Programme Code: UBANLL2

Department: Anthropology

For students starting this programme of study in 2020/21

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations

Three-year classification scheme for BA/BSc degrees for all students from the 2018/19 academic year

Please note that places are limited on some optional courses. Admission onto any particular course is not guaranteed and may be subject to timetabling constraints and/or students meeting specific prerequisite requirements.


Course number, title (unit value)

Year 1

Paper 1

AN100 Introduction to Social Anthropology (1.0)

Paper 2

AN101 Ethnography and Theory: Selected Texts (1.0)

Paper 3

LL106 Public Law (1.0)

Paper 4

LL105 Property I (0.5) and LL109 Introduction to the Legal System (0.5)

Skills course

LL100 Foundational Legal Skills (0.0) A

Year 2

Paper 5

AN226 Political and Legal Anthropology (1.0)

Paper 6

LL108 Criminal Law (1.0)

Paper 7

LL104 Law of Obligations (1.0)

Paper 8

Courses to the value of 1.0 unit(s) from the following: B

Anthropology Selection List A

Anthropology Selection List B

Year 3

Paper 9

LL232 Law and Institutions of the European Union (1.0)

Paper 10

LL275 Property II (1.0)

Paper 11

Courses to the value of 1.0 unit(s) from the following:

Law Selection List

Paper 12

Courses to the value of 1.0 unit(s) from the following: C

Anthropology Selection List A

Anthropology Selection List B

Anthropology Selection List C

Anthropology Selection List A

AN205 The Anthropology of Melanesia (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)

AN216 Cognition and Anthropology: Human Development in Cultural Environments (0.5) #  (withdrawn 2020/21)

AN221 The Anthropology of Christianity (0.5) #

AN223 The Anthropology of Southeast Asia (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)

AN237 The Anthropology of Development (0.5)

AN240 Investigating the Philippines - New Approaches and Ethnographic Contexts (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)

AN243 Children and Youth in Contemporary Ethnography (0.5) #  (not available 2020/21)

AN245 Borders and Boundaries: Ethnographic Approaches (0.5)

AN247 Anthropological Approaches to Questions of Being (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)

AN250 The Anthropology of South Asia (0.5) #  (not available 2020/21)

AN251 Cognition and Anthropology: Learning and Thinking in Relation to Social Institutions (0.5) #  (withdrawn 2020/21)

AN252 Anthropological Approaches to Value (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)

AN269 The Anthropology of Amazonia (0.5) #  (not available 2020/21)

AN274 Subjectivity and Anthropology (0.5) #  (withdrawn 2020/21)

AN275 The Anthropology of Revolution (0.5) #  (not available 2020/21)

AN276 Anthropology and the Anthropocene (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)

AN277 Topics in the Anthropology of sub-Saharan Africa (0.5) #

AN278 Anthropology and Global History (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)

AN280 Public Anthropology (0.5) #  (not available 2020/21)

AN281 Health and Welfare: Anthropological Perspectives (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)

AN298 Research Methods in Social Anthropology (0.5)

Anthropology Selection List B

AN200 The Anthropology of Kinship, Sex and Gender (1.0)

AN256 Economic Anthropology (1): Production and Exchange (0.5)

AN357 Economic Anthropology (2): Transformation and Globalisation (0.5)

Anthropology Selection List C

AN300 Advanced Theory of Social Anthropology (1.0) #  (withdrawn 2020/21)

AN301 The Anthropology of Religion (1.0) #

AN303 Advanced Theory of Social Anthropology (0.5) #

Law Selection List

LL201 Administrative Law (1.0)  (not available 2020/21)

LL202 Commercial Contracts (1.0) #

LL203 Law of Business Associations (Company Law) (1.0) #

LL204 Advanced Torts (1.0) #

LL205 Medical Law (1.0)

LL207 Civil Liberties and Human Rights (1.0)  (not available 2020/21)

LL210 Information Technology and the Law (1.0) #

LL212 Conflict of Laws (1.0)

LL221 Family Law (1.0)

LL233 Law of Evidence (1.0)

LL241 European Legal History (1.0)  (not available 2020/21)

LL250 Law and The Environment (1.0)

LL251 Intellectual Property Law (1.0)

LL257 Employment Law (1.0)

LL259 Legal and Social Change since 1750 (1.0)

LL272 Outlines of Modern Criminology (0.5)

LL278 Public International Law (1.0)

LL284 Topics in Sentencing and Criminal Justice (0.5)

LL293 Tax and Tax Avoidance (1.0)

LL295 Media Law (1.0)  (not available 2020/21)

LL300 Competition Law (1.0)

LL301 Global Commodities Law (1.0)  (not available 2020/21)

LL305 Jurisprudence (1.0)

LL342 International Protection of Human Rights (1.0) #


A : LL100 is compulsory but does not affect the final degree classification.

B : No more than one unit taken under Papers 8 and 12 may be selected from Anthropology Selection List A.

C : No more than one unit taken under Papers 8 and 12 may be selected from Anthropology Selection List A.

# means there may be prerequisites for this course. Please view the course guide for more information.

The qualifying law degree (QLD) is recognised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for the purposes of satisfying the academic stage of training. Accredited by the Bar Standards Board for the purpose of a Qualifying Law Degree. Further information is available by emailling or accessing the Anthropology Department website.

Note for prospective students:
For changes to undergraduate course and programme information for the next academic session, please see the undergraduate summary page for prospective students. Changes to course and programme information for future academic sessions can be found on the undergraduate summary page for future students.