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LSE-PKU Double Degree in Public Administration and Government

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations

Classification scheme for the award of a taught master's degree (four units)
Exam sub-board local rules

Two-year programme. Students take the first year at Peking University, and the second year at LSE as follows:

Students must take courses to the value of 2.5 units and a skills course and dissertation as shown. Candidates may, subject to the approval of their supervisor, substitute for up to two of the written papers listed under 3 below, any paper which is offered in the MSc, LLM or MA which involves at least 20 weeks of an integrated teaching programme and which counts as one quarter (or one full unit) of the complete MSc programme in which it is offered.

Programme Code: TMPAGV

Department: Government

For students starting this programme of study in 2018/19

Paper 1

GV4E9 Approaches and Issues in Public Policy and Administration (1.0)

Paper 2

One of the following 0.5 unit courses:


GV477 Comparative Public Policy Change (0.5) #


GV483 Public Management Theory and Doctrine (0.5)


GV4F4 Policy Advice in Theory and Practice (0.5)

Paper 3

Courses to the value of 1.0 unit(s) from the following:


Public Management:


AC412 Accountability, Organisations and Risk Management (0.5)


DV413 Environmental Problems and Development Interventions (0.5) #


DV415 Global Environmental Governance (0.5)


GV483 Public Management Theory and Doctrine (0.5)


GV4A2 Citizens' Political Behaviour in Europe: Elections Public Opinion and Identities (0.5) #  (not available 2020/21)


GV4C8 Game Theory for Political Science (0.5)


LL4AT Regulation: Strategies and Enforcement (0.5)


LL4AU Regulation: Legal and Political Aspects (0.5) #  (not available 2020/21)


MG402 Public Management: A Design-Oriented Approach (0.5)


PH415 Philosophy and Public Policy (1.0)


Comparative Public Policy and Administration:


EU421 Policy-Making in the European Union (0.5) #


EU443 European Models of Capitalism (0.5)


GV403 Network Regulation (0.5)  (withdrawn 2020/21)


GV441 States and Markets (0.5)


GV477 Comparative Public Policy Change (0.5) #


GV4A5 International Migration and Immigration Management (0.5)


GV4C4 Legislative Politics: US (0.5) 1  (withdrawn 2018/19)


GV4C5 Politics of Economic Policy (0.5)  (withdrawn 2020/21)


GV4C6 Legislative Politics: European Parliament (0.5) 2  (withdrawn 2018/19)


GV4C8 Game Theory for Political Science (0.5)


GV4D4 The Politics of Inequality and Redistribution (0.5)  (withdrawn 2020/21)


SA4F8 Behavioural Public Policy (0.5)  (withdrawn 2019/20)


SA4L1 The Governance of Welfare: The Nation State and the European Union (0.5)  (withdrawn 2018/19)


SA4M1 Politics of Social Policy: Welfare and Work in Comparative Perspective (0.5)  (withdrawn 2019/20)


Another course with the permission of the programme convenor.

Paper 4



MY451 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis (0.5) or


MY452 Applied Regression Analysis (0.5) #

Paper 5

GV499 Dissertation (1.0)

Prerequisite Requirements and Mutually Exclusive Options

1 : GV4C4 can not be taken with GV4C6

2 : GV4C6 can not be taken with GV4C4

Note for prospective students:
For changes to graduate course and programme information for the next academic session, please see the graduate summary page for prospective students. Changes to course and programme information for future academic sessions can be found on the graduate summary page for future students.