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MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society

Programme Code: TMLLANSO

Department: Law

For students starting this programme of study in 2020/21

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations

Classification scheme for the award of a taught master's degree (four units)
Exam sub-board local rules

(This programme is not available in 2020/21)

Please note that places are limited on some optional courses. Admission onto any particular course is not guaranteed and may be subject to timetabling constraints and/or students meeting specific prerequisite requirements.


Course number, title (unit value)

Year 1

Paper 1

LL4E8 Law in Society: A Joint Course in Law and Anthropology (1.0)  (withdrawn 2020/21)

Papers 2 & 3

Courses to the value of 2.0 unit(s) from the following:


AN402 The Anthropology of Religion (1.0)


AN404 Anthropology: Theory and Ethnography (1.0)


AN405 The Anthropology of Kinship, Sex and Gender (1.0)


AN451 Anthropology of Politics (0.5)


AN456 Anthropology of Economy (1): Production and Exchange (0.5)


AN457 Anthropology of Economy (2): Transformation and Globalisation (0.5)


AN458 Children and Youth in Contemporary Ethnography (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)


LL4BP Current Issues in Intellectual and Cultural Property Law (0.5)


LL4BQ Trade Mark Law (0.5) #


LL4BR Trade Marks, Brands and Branding: Contemporary Issues (0.5) #  (withdrawn 2020/21)


LL4BT Cultural Property and Heritage Law (0.5)


LL4BU Art Law (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)


LL4CA Law and Social Theory (0.5)  (withdrawn 2020/21)


LL4CB Modern Legal History: Private Law and the Economy 1750-1950 (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)


LL4CM Law in the Economy (0.5)  (withdrawn 2020/21)


LL4CN New Technologies in Law and the Body (0.5)  (withdrawn 2019/20)


LL4L1 The Theory and Practice of Alternative Commercial Dispute Resolution (0.5) #  (not available 2020/21)


LL4L7 Advanced Mediation and Negotiation (0.5) #  (not available 2020/21)


Other course from Law, Anthropology or a related discipline may be taken subject to the approval of the course teachers.

Paper 4

LL4E9 Dissertation: MSc Law, Anthropology and Society (1.0)  (withdrawn 2020/21)

# means there may be prerequisites for this course. Please view the course guide for more information.

Candidates with a first degree in law must take at least one of Papers 2 & 3 in anthropology; candidates with a first degree in social science must take at least one of Papers 2 & 3 in law.  Students in this programme will be closely advised by their supervisor in choosing the courses for Papers 2 & 3 so as to form a well-designed programme in view of their previous studies and their dissertation topic.

Note for prospective students:
For changes to graduate course and programme information for the next academic session, please see the graduate summary page for prospective students. Changes to course and programme information for future academic sessions can be found on the graduate summary page for future students.