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MRes/PhD in Management (Marketing)

Programme Structure - MRes

Programme code: TMRESMGMK

Department: Management

For students starting this programme of study in 2020/21

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations

Year 1

Research Practicums

Research practicums

Throughout the first 2 years of their programme students will be required to participate in Research Practicums where they are assigned to a member of Faculty to jointly explore research collaborations. These interactions are intended to allow students to explore in-depth research topics and shape research projects besides their main dissertation (MG599) in Year 2,

Research proposal

At the end of Year 1 students submit an initial "research proposal". Students will be expected to start work on developing this proposal over the summer period.

Training Course

Compulsory (not examined):


MG5A1 A Social Sciences Perspective of Academic Research in Management (0.0)

Paper 1

MG512 Marketing I: Consumer Behaviour and Quantitative Modelling (0.5)

Paper 2

EC411 Microeconomics (1.0) # or


ST425 Statistical Inference: Principles, Methods and Computation (1.0) #


*EC411 includes a non credit bearing pre-sessional course EC400 which must be attended as a prerequisite. EC400 applications must be made by the end of June 2020.

Paper 3

EC443 Econometrics for MRes students (1.0) #


Or courses to the value of 1.0 unit from the following:


MY552 Applied Regression Analysis (0.5) #


MY555 Multivariate Analysis and Measurement (0.5) #


MY557 Causal Inference for Observational and Experimental Studies (0.5) #


If EC443 is chosen please note the following preque : Students should have completed an undergraduate level course in econometrics and statistical theory. Linear algebra and multivariate calculus will be used frequently.

Year 2


From the start of MT in Year 2 students continue to shape their research proposal and will be given ongoing feedback, and the opportunity to develop ideas.

Paper 4

MG520 Marketing II: Consumer Behaviour and Quantitative Modelling (0.5)  (not available 2020/21)

Paper 5

Courses to the value of 1.0 unit from the following:


EC533 Labour Economics for Research Students (1.0)


MY552 Applied Regression Analysis (0.5) #


MY555 Multivariate Analysis and Measurement (0.5) #


MY557 Causal Inference for Observational and Experimental Studies (0.5) #


Students may also take alternative courses below if agreed with their supervisor and programme director and subject to timetabling constraints:


EC411 Microeconomics (1.0) #


EC427 The Economics of Industry (1.0) #


EC484 Econometric Analysis (1.0) # 1


MY555 Multivariate Analysis and Measurement (0.5) #


PP454 Development Economics (1.0) #


ST405 Multivariate Methods (0.5) #


ST411 Generalised Linear Modelling and Survival Analysis (0.5) #


ST442 Longitudinal Data Analysis (0.5) #  (not available 2020/21)


ST443 Machine Learning and Data Mining (0.5) #


*EC411 may be taken if not chosen during the first year of MRes. EC411 includes a non credit bearing pre-sessional course EC400 which must be attended as a prerequisite, EC400 applications must be made by the end of June 2021. Before taking EC484 you must take EC451, Introductory course. EC451 is taught in September. It consists of 45 hours of lectures and an additional 22 hours of classes, across a 3-week period.

Paper 6

MG599 Research Paper in Management (1.0)

Annual Progress Reviews

In order to progress unconditionally from the first to the second year of MRes registration students are required to achieve pass marks of 60% in 2.5 units (5 classifications marks). Students that do not attain this standard may still be able to progress as follows, subject to approval by the Programme Director:

Students may fall short of this requirement by up to 1 unit of marks; which may consist of up to a maximum of 0.5 unit mark of fail and/or a 0.5 unit mark of between 50-59. Students will resit at the next available opportunity. Where a student is resitting a course they have passed in order to meet the progression requirements the new mark will not show on the transcript or be used to calculate the award of the degree.

There will be regular student progress reviews each term by the Department of Management (DOM) PhD committee. An Annual Progress review for Years 1 and 2 of the PhD programme will take place between May and July. The Panel will include the Programme Director and the Chair of the DOM PhD committee. All final progression decisions are reviewed and approved by the DOM PhD Committee.

End of Year 1: The APR in Year 1 will review the Research Proposal outline, consider attendance in MY5A1, participation in the Research Practicums, supervision attendance, supervisor(s) progress reports and scores on the MRes papers.  Re-registration for the following year will be approved by the PhD Programme Director, and on the expectation of the student will achieve the marks required in any resit exams.

End of Year 2:  The APR in Year 2 will review the successful completion of second year course work with marks meeting the required standards, the quality and contribution of MG599 paper and satisfaction with progress and participation in the programme. Recommendation for re-registration for the following year will be based on the successful completion of the previous year, and on the expectation of the student will achieve the marks required in any resit exams.

End of Year 3 Re-registration in year 4 will be based on students achieving the required grades in any resit exams, successfully upgrading and passing the PhD review process, having made satisfactory progress on research activity and approved for re-registration  by the Programme Director in close consultation with Supervisors and the DOM PhD committee.

Year 4:  Re-registration in year 5 will be based on continued satisfactory progress and the approval for re-registration by the Programme Director  in close consultation with supervisors and the DOM PhD committee.

Award of the MRes in Management – Marketing

The award and classification of the MRes degree will be subject to the normal application of the School's Scheme for the Award of a five-unit Taught Masters Degree.

Progression to PhD registration

In order to progress and upgrade to PhD registration students must have taken and passed all 5 units (10 classification marks) with a grade of 60% or higher by the end of the programme. Students can compensate by achieving an aggregate of 300 marks (with no failed papers) which must include a grade of 60% in their core seminar.

Students registered for the PhD remain subject to the relevant MRes regulations for any courses or examinations they are completing. Students missing the overall progression requirement by 0.5 paper are permitted to progress to PhD registration, but will subsequently need to re-sit and pass the paper to the necessary standard to continue their PhD registration. Students failing to meet this standard will have their PhD registration discontinued.

The final decision to upgrade to PhD is taken by the Department’s PhD committee and is based on successful completion of the MRes requirements as specified above as well as satisfactory progress in their research activities and approval of their Research Proposal by the Upgrade Panel. The Upgrade Panel will consist of two research area faculty and the student’s two supervisors.

In Year 3 students must also pass the PhD Review process. This will be reported on to the PhD committee at the end of Year 3 along with any results from resits taken in that year.

Prerequisite Requirements and Mutually Exclusive Options

1 : Before taking EC484 you must take EC451

# means there may be prerequisites for this course. Please view the course guide for more information.

Programme Structure - PhD

Programme code: RPMGMK


Years 3,5 If upgraded to PhD

Years 3-5

By the end of Year 3 students are expected to have upgraded to PhD. PhD students will meet regularly with their Supervisor(s) each term throughout Year 3-5. After Upgrade they are expected to focus on the research and writing of their thesis, the continued development of research ideas for publication, participation in relevant training courses and career development activities.

Award of the PhD

The PhD is awarded according to the rules of LSE.