Who has my data

We don’t actually know where the information is going. You can sign up for an app and tell them your name and your age and stuff and they’ll say at the bottom that it’s all private and stuff, but then it goes somewhere. The question is where does it go?

boy, year 11, Midlands

Sometimes apps collect information that’s unexpected. Did you know that most torch apps track your location? If apps ask to access your contacts, photos or microphone, they may keep this information.

If you don’t let them access your contacts, they may get access anyway, if your friends allow access to contacts. So, our data travels between devices and apps.

Did you know that companies like WhatsApp and Instagram collect data about you from other companies they do business with – like the App Store or Google Play? Apps often keep working and collect data even when they’re not being used. Data also travels to companies we’ve never used!

It’s hard to know where our data ends up or how long it stays there, even after we have deleted our original profile.

 Who has your data on social media?