What's the issue

I feel like, before sharing photos of friends, you need to ask them. Because maybe they don’t want to give that impression to people.

girl, year 7, Essex

We share a lot about ourselves online – our looks, our friends, what we enjoy or dislike. Other people share information about us too – like when you're tagged at the cinema, or photos your parents post. We may be happy to share some things online. But there are other things we’d rather keep to ourselves.

Did you know the internet collects information that maybe you didn't mean to share?The apps and devices we use automatically collect information, such as the device we’re using, our location, or what we watch or click on or search for.

Over time, this information (our ‘data’) gets more detailed. When companies, advertisers, even future employers use it for their own purposes, this may be helpful, but it may be unfair or harmful.