How to protect my privacy

Privacy is something to think about every time we use the internet. There are a lot of things we can do to protect our privacy online. Here are some suggestions and resources.

The project team

» Know what you are agreeing to

Learn what data your apps and devices collect about you. What do they share with others? Who can see your stuff? Who owns what you post? Read the Terms and Conditions about privacy (read a child-friendly version for some apps here).  

» Tighten your privacy

Check your privacy settings. Consider making your profile private and disabling functions you don’t need (e.g. your location, third party cookies, advertising and interest preferences, profile visibility).

» Clean your device

Go through your apps regularly and remove anything you don’t use to avoid unnecessary apps collecting your data. Clean the cookies and browsing history on your devices.

» Clean your online profiles

Delete any social media profiles you no longer use. Review your profiles and see if you want to delete anything: e.g. photos, comments, posts, friends, groups, likes, your profile information.

» Know what you look like online

Try to find out what the internet knows about you by searching your name. Try to remove any content that you think should not be online.

» Know what to share

Never share your passwords. Avoid sharing your location. Only post information you are happy for everyone to see – even 10 years from now. Be aware of your online reputation and protect your own privacy and that of your friends.

» Make a positive digital footprint

The internet can be a great place to socialise, have fun and learn. You can create a positive online reputation about yourself by being considerate and thoughtful.

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