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Dr Jonathan Ilan

Dr Jonathan Ilan

Visiting Senior Fellow

Department of Media and Communications

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English, Hebrew
Key Expertise
Cultural production, News Media, Visual Culture

About me

Dr. Ilan joined as Lecturer (now Senior Lecturer) to Bar-Ilan’s School of Communication in 2014, after he had completed his PhD at the University of Westminster in London. Ilan focuses his work on the fields of cultural production and visual culture, and particularly in the ways these intersect with various forms of news media (e.g., international news, news organizations, news production, news technologies). In  one of his most significant projects, for example, Ilan had conducted an extensive ethnographic research that was carried out in three different countries (Israel, the UK and Singapore) whereby the international production processes of news pictures were explored. This was done in an attempt to understand what news is in its photographic form, and the ways through which such processes illustrate the overall production of newsworthiness. In 2018, Ilan published his first book, The International Photojournalism Industry, Routledge based on his findings from this extensive project, and it is amongst the few titles whereby a connection is being made between media ethnography, international news organisations and news photography. Ilan has published his work in various leading international peer-reviewed journals.

Expertise Details

Cultural production; News Media; Visual Culture; Qualitative research methods